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Cannot find what is making my van overheat! Please help!

kevheb92kevheb92 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in Ford
So I've been trying to solve my overheating problem for months now. One morning I walked out of my house and all of my coolant was on the street. I could not completely detect the source of the leak after running more coolant through it. I also checked the dip stick and coolant on the ground for any sign of oil/coolant mixing. I started by replacing the thermostat. I did a more thorough inspection and found a crack at the bottom of the radiator that I replaced less than two years ago. I replaced the radiator again and while I had the belt, intake and fan disassembled I switched out the water pump as well. The old water pump was gunked and the gasket was almost completely worn off. The van is still overheating and spitting out coolant at a much higher rate. I'm guessing because of the new water pump. A friend said it could be the intake manifold because of where the steam was coming off the motor. Please Help! I'm going Broke! haha
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