What upgrades are needed for towing with CX-9?

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I've been reading a lot of good information on this forum about towing with a CX9. But, still have some questions. Hoping someone can answer. Just nervous trying to tow with anything that is not a big American V8. Have always towed with a Chevy Tahoe. But, now have a 2013 Mazda Cx9 Touring FWD. Mazda specs say max towing capacity is 3250 lbs. I want to tow a 2005 Glastron 18 FT Open bow family runabout. The trailer has brakes. Will be towing in July through West Virginia mountains. So, am I crazy for trying to tow with a FWD vehicle? I have planned for a fron brake upgrade to drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic pads. Also planning a tranny cooler. Not sure if it is large capacity. Also installing a class 3 hitch from etrailer and wiring harness. Should I also be looking at a larger radiator and fan? Should I have the computer reprogrammed? The boat and trailer are right at the max towing limit. Then have to add all the gear and the family. Just really concerned if the vehicle can handle it. Any opinions a are welcome and appreciated.


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    I have a cousin that owns a cx-9. You might want to check GoRhino towing parts
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