Check guages light (01 Dakota Sport 4x4)

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First post, hoping someone can help. My check guages light has been coming on sporadically. Battery guage bottoms out. I have tried a new battery, new alternator, new battery temperature sensor, and sent the brain out to be remanufactured (which is where the voltage regulator is located). Yet i am still having charging issues. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    What codes are setting and is communication with a scan tool possible when the gage drops? Have you confirmed what the system voltage is normally and when the symptom is occurring?
  • lilred4x4lilred4x4 Member Posts: 2
    Current codes are p0300, p1682,p0622,p0303,p0161,p0442.
    I think i have 2 issues. The truck used to bog down jump and pop, like a heavy bucking, since i did valve cover gaskets cam shaft pos sensor and crank shaft pos sensor, plugs wires cap and rotor of course and got the brain back it has only skipped slightly until recently and light went on...super right? So now i have only check engine light and have not seen the check guages again. So the codes....mult. cyl. Misfire, charging output low, generator field not switching properly, cyl 3 misfire, o2 sensor bank 2 sensor (replaced this already prob a month or 2 ago), and evap emission leak monitor medium leak detected. I had a friend plug in his scan tool and check voltage while it was dropping. I know it was lower but of course cannot remember exactly what it was though i will ask if he remembers.
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