1999 2WD GMC Shocks

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ok it's been well over a half a year, many trips
to two dealers, gmc puts the same shock on the 2wd
six as the 5.3L 8, at over 300lbs more weight,and
I can't get any one at gm to put a heavy dudy shock
on the front of my pickup, It has been bouncing
the tires like basket balls for 6 thousand miles,
push down on the front end and it bounces 4 to 5
times, the local tire shop said its the shocks,
they are too light weight, help me if you can i
have a short bed 2wd reg cab sport truck, with a
5.3L v8.


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    Edlebrock shocks. The Tenneco that came with my '00 5.3 was supposed to be the one to replace Bilstein. Wasn't worth it and with ride quality on the soft side, I just upgraded to Edlebrock after about a month of owning the truck. Haven't regretted it yet after 9000 miles. Good luck. Don't think you are going to get anywhere with dealer on this one.
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    my front tires are worn out now!!!, the problem
    didn't show up till 2100 miles, if I was on the ball like obyone, you bet I would have just replaced the shocks, If I needed any warrenty work done I could just put the old [new] shocks back on. thanks sixaxe
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    on my truck was due to defective tires. If you had General tires on your truck, the Ameri660S, have the dealer check with General. When the dealer found that one tire was defective, General sent them five new tires to replace the current ones on my truck. This was at 2200 miles. I now have 4400 miles an the tires are again showing signs of "feathering". The dealer had checked with General on the problems with the Ameri660 and General said they had no replacement for the tire size 255/70R16. They are trying to get approval from GM to replace tires with another brand. It appears that the General's sidewalls are too soft for the truck suspension and weight. BTW, since Edlebrocks are replacements/upgrade for the Chevy Silverado, it would not void warranty on tires, suspension, etc.
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    typographical error. Meant to type 4000 miles.
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    isn't the dealer "up" on what other dealers are doing to fix these problems? you would think that 1-800 GMCTRUCK could database all these to get everybody on the same page!, till then we have edmund's town hall to fill the gap, thanks again
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    Ameri660 gmc uses I this is the cheepest truck tire that i have found the General Ameri660 255/70R16 run about 46 bucks, I thought gmc was better than chevy!!!!
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    is a passenger car tire....not for trucks.
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    the factory rep just said no to doing anything
    about my truck, I guess you only get one set of
    cheep replacement tires per customer, good luck
    obyone, sixaxe
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    Was the rep from GM or General Tire?
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    I still think it that GMC is obligated for gettin' this right, The company selling the products can't sell defective parts. I told the service manager to tell the rep to check the tires
    and if he can't do anything to buy the truck back.
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    I have tires comming to the dealer this week.
    there are two tire recalls on the 1999 gm trucks
    I had to get them to call general tire, you would think that a gm factory rep would know all about the trucks he is in charge of fixing. six
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    maybe you could trade them into a General dealer or another tire dealer prior to mounting for a set of Michelins and pay the difference. Tire Rack has the highest rating for Michelin truck tires. General Tires don't care as long as they get your old set back to signify that they have been swapped out. I'm on my second set of five General tires. Same problems coming back. Tire bounce, vibration, uneven wear on the outside treads, etc. You do not want to go through this. My dealer was told by General that this set I have now is the new and improved tire. What a bunch of BS. How do you improve on a $40 tire? I think the only way is to replace it. In my parts we do not have a General Tire dealer so I could not trade the tires. No other tire dealer (Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Michelin) that I called was interested in my new set of unmounted tires.
    So I have to wait for the GM rep to return from vacation on Jan 4 to get a decision on getting another set of NON-General tires. Good luck on resolving your tire problem!!
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    NON-General tires-good, I think that we have found a pattern here obyone, and I have allready asks a big tire store if they would take the generals as a trade up for michelin's, and he shook his head yes. after reading your last note I may talk my dealer into just tossing the new generals in my bed and i'm off to Discount Tire Co. thanks again sixaxe.
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    from his Christmas vacation and has approved swap out of Generals for tires of equal value. The dealer told me that they would look for the equivalent in Goodyear brand of tires. I told them that Goodyear also has had a bunch of returned tires and if they want to continue replacing my tires with Goodyears instead of Generals. The General Manager of the dealership who is now involved since I'm totally pissed at the Service Manager told me that he will determine the value of the Generals, I can pick whatever tires I want and they will arrange mounting, etc, and I am to pay the difference. I told him that this was the first time since dealing with their service dept. that anyone from his dealership had made any sense. Told him I wanted four Michelin LTX M/S 275/70R16. I will keep one General as a spare as the rim that my spare is mounted on doesn't match my chrome rims. The new tires has a speed rating of 114H. Looks like I may have to buy a Hypertech unit to upgrade my speed limiter from the current setting of 98 mph.

    If you go the Michelin's web site http://michelin.tireselector.com/
    you will find that basically three tires will fit the Silverado (there might be more). The 255/70R16 is the OEM replacement. They also offer the 265 and the 275 as tires that will also fit the Silverado as upgrades. Good luck with your new set of tires. One last thing, I have been reading posts on some of the chrome steel rims being out of round. If you do have the chrome rims like I do, you may want to have them checked out at the same time or prior to mounting the new tires.
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    as it's been over thirty days to resolve my new set of tires and counting. Maybe I should be practicing my burnouts?! Are you waiting for the buyback or the repairs?
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    this dealer has yet to do anything at all to fix my feathering, hopping tires. Except checking tire preasure back in october, if they can fix it great and I'm willing to upgrade my tires to see if that fixes it. just for my own sainity, not for GM. To get Gm to buy back for hopping tires?
    the only aurgument is that it is inherent to that truck as a caritoristic, not found on others. Just don't mention the General tires. You'll pay 700 dollars for a lawyer and then they get you tires. good luck sixaxe
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    Dealer has finally ordered new Michelin's. $115 each at his cost; balancing and mounting free. My credit for General's came out to $35 each. Even the Service Manager couldn't believe how cheap they were. He thought that they had a volume discount or something. I told him that retail is $45 each for the tire. Well I guess some credit is better than no credit. The Generals really are a POS tire.
    good luck
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