2016 Honda Accord Sport, Hendricks Honda of Woodbridge

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If you are even thinking about buying an accord, you MUST go to Hendricks Honda of Woodbridge. Not only did they give the best price ($21,900 OTD for the Accord Sport and $22,500 for SE), but they also include a lifetime warranty on the engine, transmission and power train. 

Ask for Bobby. He is the best and kindest salesperson I have ever met. I called after finding their name here on this forum. One phone call, I named my price and he took 5 minutes to consult with his managers and he beat what I asked for! Also the price never changed from start to finish, except to go down by $500!! Even if they weren't the cheapest (which they were by far) I would have come here solely for the customer service. I live in northern MD and I made the hour plus drive down there. Totally worth it! On top of everything else, they got me tire protection for $2 more a month and they matched the carmax offer on my trade in! 

Even the finance guy was personable and honest. 

Best experience ever!! Ask for Bobby and you will NOT regret it! 

I spent months semi seriously searching for a car, and weeks grinding it out. Everyone tried left and right to screw me all the wile swearing they would never do such a thing, and cursing the salesmen out there that give them a bad name. It is difficult, but you just need to take the time to educate yourself on what a good price is for the exact car you want, down to the color and accessories, and bring Bobby your price. He will make it happen. (And he gives you a $25 gift card after your purchase.) A real southern gentleman. 


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