Camry hybrid or traditional?

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We are trying to decide between a 2016 hybrid Camry or a traditional model, and we have some questions:

Does having two drive systems mean more is likely to go wrong?
How often do the hybrid's batteries need to be replaced, and how expensive are they?
Do the batteries take up a lot of room in the trunk?
Is there any difference in acceleration up hills between the two cars?


  • texasestexases Member Posts: 9,541
    There is more to go wrong, but Toyota's hybrid systems have proven to be very reliable.
    The batteries are typically life-of-the-car items, but some small % do fail, $3,500 or so to replace. They're guaranteed for 10yrs/100k, I think.
    Not that much room, but you'll need to compare, see if it affects your decision.
    Not much/any difference with the 4 cylinder, but definitely a difference with the V6, if that's what you'd get otherwise.

    My MKZ hybrid is very similar, I've been happy with it - 37 mpg average, never short of power, but I've not driven it fully loaded up mountain passes.
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    Gas is cheap and will remain cheap for the future. Extra cost of the hybrid is not justified unless you are an eco -weenie
  • parachautopartparachautopart Member Posts: 16
    Toyota Hybrid is better from traditional.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    carboy21 said:

    Gas is cheap and will remain cheap for the future. Extra cost of the hybrid is not justified unless you are an eco -weenie

    " Gas is cheap" Oh really? Oh, it's "only 2.25 a gallon now!

    But, I agree, the gas mileage won't be that much better and you'll be paying more money up front.
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    If you're just looking at cost it's often a slightly messy math problem with lots of guessing. If you drive enough a hybrid might still be worth it at current prices. If not you're better off with the 4-cyl. Then there's the "guess the future" part where you have to guess what gas prices will do in year to come. If you're a 3 years and change cars type that's easier. There are a whole lot of factors that play into gas prices. They could drop more. Suppose the Chinese government seriously messes up, crashes their economy, and throws the world into a recession. Or maybe someone starts a war and we'll be at $5 a gallon in a year.

    I'd just get the XSE V6 if I were to buy a Camry. It's the most fun.
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