2016 RDX Price

k_kk_k Member Posts: 5
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Hello ,

I am in the market for a new RDX. One dealer in Raleigh NC offered me 3000 off MSRP (36210). Wondering how much I can negotiate down as 2017 are coming.



  • carpool4carpool4 Member Posts: 5
    Hi! I'm curious was it 3k off MSRP not including any rebates? They bake in so many different numbers that it's hard to ever tell if you have a good deal or can do better. Although I've heard 7-10% off MSRP for an Acura is about average. After 2+ hours of sitting in the dealership and being made to feel like I was "stealing" the RDX, I was offered $2500 off MSRP which does not even hit 7% off so I know I have room. You may have a little room too, although 3k sounds like a great deal.
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