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Sorry if this has been discussed!!!!!!!!

My 2012 CRV EX has the worst road noise on any car/truck I have ever owned>>>>> I must have road tested on a smooth road. LOL
My dealer and it's service department (same guy each time) says I would be able to reduce the road noise by replacing the Continental tires with Michelins. He also says that the Continentals are only getting about 36K milage on them before replacing.

Comment pleas


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    Hondas have long had a reputation for road noise. New tires should help but may not be the magic panacea you hope for. You may want to search for posts about Dynamat too.

    Not sure what it is about Hondas but we see this kind of complaint about Civics and Pilots too. But we get quite a few posts from owners who never have an issue with road noise - some people may just tolerate it better than others.
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    Oh, there's more posts in this discussion.
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    Tires can make a big difference. So far I haven't had a loud set of A/S or summer tires, but I had a set of snow tires that could punch right through the noise insulation in a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII I had. That car had a half inch of insulation lining most of the body and the interior plastic was more like 3/8" of high density foam with a solid outer surface.

    My parents have a 2011 CR-V, and I haven't noticed it to be excessively loud. It doesn't have stock tires though. Dad bought it used, and it came with a set of new or almost new Cooper tires. They took it on a 5,000 mile road trip (they're recently retired) about a year ago, and I doubt they would have done that if it was too noisy since their other car is a Lincoln MKZ.

    That said "dad's" CR-V is loud compared to anything I've had lately or any of "mom's" recent cars. CR-V v. Buick Regal, BMW 525i, Lincoln MKZ, or Mercedes E-class isn't really a fair comparison though. If I owned a CR-V it would be the loudest car I've ever owned. So maybe we're just not that noise sensitive. Actually I am noise sensitive, but not to stuff like road noise. Office conversations drive me nuts when I'm trying to write software.
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    Not sure if you can compare a 2011 CR-V with a 12, they were suppose to be "quite" LOL. I'm mucho hearing impaired from back ground noise, much like office noise, might be, so I guess my next SUV, and I hate to say it, I really like the Honda, will have to be something else.
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    My 2012 CRV is also about the nosiest vehicle I have ever owned. I have contemplated getting a 2016 CRV and have posted on here, asking if they have noise problems also. Most of the responses said to test drive it. I test drove the 2012 and didn't spot the noise till later on.
    " so I guess my next SUV, and I hate to say it, I really like the Honda, will have to be something else. "
    My thoughts also.
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    @turnright Actually I guess not. I was thinking the last redesign was more recent, but '11 was the last year for the previous version.
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