2016 Honda Pilot Accessories, Add-on's, and Modifications.

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Since there doesn't seem to be a thread started yet for the '16 Pilot's accessories or add-on's, I figured, might as well start one. Use this post to ask questions regarding items you want to get.

Pictures of any modifications, extras, accessories, etc. would be nice so people will see what you're referring to.


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    For those who are planning on getting the Trailer Hitch, be advised the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Cooler does not come with it. If you don't have it you will only have the towing max of 3500 lbs., not the 5000 lbs.

    Even if you don't get the Hitch, having the ATF cooler can also help you if you do a lot of highway driving. It will prolong the life of the fluid.

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    Here are two little Tips (or "I didn't Know That!) things you need to know for your new '16 Pilot.

    1. In the rear cargo area on the driver side, there is a small panel. Behind this panel is the Manual Fuel Door release if you lose all power and need to add fuel. There is also a small Funnel inside this panel to use when filling from a gas can or other container besides an actual Fuel Pump.

    2. If you also lose all power due to a dead battery or accident and need to get the Pilot into Neutral, you must use your Valet Key inside your Keyless Key Fob. Inside your Center Console, there is a small hole above your USB interface, insert the Valet Key into this hole and you will be able to move your Gear to Neutral. This works for both the 6spd (shifter) and the 9-spd (push button).

    I have added pictures to show you both items I am referring to.


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    Lund International, who makes the AVS (Auto Ventshade) products just released the In-channel and Outer Mounted Vent Shades for the '16 Pilot.

    In-Channel link

    Outer Mount Link

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