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Honda Civic Fan

expresscarexpresscar Member Posts: 4
edited March 2016 in Honda
Hi Honda owners... I am new here and wanted to share My daily car. It is a import Honda Civic LXI year 1998... This would be my second Honda Civic, My first one was a Honda Civic ESI... Unfortunately I had to sell it off due to financial issues :disappointed: .

I acquired my LXI about 5 years ago. I found it hidden away from a garage when I visited my cousins in San Francisco and I immediately want it to be mine. I don't know why but I really like the old honda civic looks. I plan to slowly build up this car. At first I found it hard to find japanese import parts luckily my good friends at Quality Express Car Care Center was able to help and fix up my car slowly... since this is a old model I do have some issues with the gauge where the temperature is saying that it is overheating but in reality it isn't and the blower fan inside the car's a/c is kinda making some sounds sometimes and need replacements but all in all the car is a great drive and very reliable for a everyday car :)... thanks for the share and more power to you guys in edmunds.com forums.... have a safe drive always

below are pictures of my car

heheheh good quality labor with just a de greaser , water and tootbrush to clean the engine bay

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