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Infiniti M35X Revs uncontrollably

Pbarb1Pbarb1 Kansas CityMember Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in INFINITI
I've owned my Infiniti M35X for about 5 years (I'm the second owner).

Since I got it, it occasionally revs when I'm in gear. typically it's when I'm stopped or coasting to a stop with my foot on the break. Recently it has been doing it almost daily. It also has done it when I'm backing out of my garage, and I have to push the car into neutral to avoid accidents. When it does it, if I shift into neutral and step on the gas it stops. Today I was at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear, and it was idling smoothly. Suddenly the it ramped up to over 3500 RPMs. When I shifted into neutral it sounded like a drag racer waiting at the start line.

When I bought the car,it did it during the first month, but the Infiniti dealership said they couldn't replicate it and wanted to charge me for the tests they ran.

I have taken to driving with my hand on the gearshift so I'm ready to shift into neutral if needed.

Any ideas?

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