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Transmission warranty and additive

r0bert1r0bert1 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in Toyota
Hey guys,

I have about 10k miles powertrain warranty left on my Corolla and am hoping someone can help me shine light on the following case.

I have a slipping transmission problem and went for a drive with the dealer who simply dismissed the problem (there is nothing wrong). So I went to an independent mechanic who dropped the pan and he says there's a lot of excessive metal in there alright, which is generally objective proof something is wrong.
Now he also said there's an additive in the transmission oil (it's sticky), which has probably been put in there by the dealer to extend the life of the transmission, which I actually immediately suspected after picking the car up at the dealer (the slipping was a lot less).

I'm not in a particular hurry to get it repaired but naturally I would like it to be repaired before the warranty expires, I can wait for it get worse to make it harder for the dealer to keep ignoring the problem.
I'm wondering what to do about this additive though, and was wondering if anyone would recommend changing the transmission oil again to get the additive out so the wear of the transmission will not be delayed anymore.




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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Well, you SHOULD be in a hurry to get this fixed before the warranty expires! I would take it back and ask them if they put in some kind of an additive and have THEM (not the Independent) change the oil even if you have to pay for it.
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