Power steering issues

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We have now had two power steering pumps put installed on our 2008 Buick enclave in the last month. This last one is worse than the original problem. The squeeling is so loud it's embarrasding to even drive it. Plus I had my rear bearings replaced and they are still noisey. I had this work done at a Buick dealership. What is the problem????


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    i dont know. You are telling us a that an authorized Buick dealership is unable to properly repair something so simple as a power steering pump, and that is very, very hard to believe.

    Squeeling, or more accurately SCREEEEEEECHING that is loudest when the car is cold and accelerating indicates only a loose power steering belt, or serpentine belt in your case. Could be the belt tensioner and not the pump.

    Go back to the dealer, politely ask to speak with the general manager and ask his opinion.
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