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Hyundai Sonata 2006-2007

lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
Any news about the new 2005 hyundai sonata? I just heard it'd get an all new 3.8 liter V6 engine probably good for 220-230 hp. Hyundai would think about introducing it in August.


  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    I think it's suppose to be a 3.3 and not a 3.8, the 3.8 is suppose to be on the XG I think. The HP sounds right and the torque might be higher than the HP.
  • I've beek poking around a bit regarding this car, and the best info I have indicates that the US market will continue to get the current Sonata for '05, and the new one will debut (from the new Alabama plant) as an early '06 in 3/05. I could be wrong about that, though.

    -Andrew L
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    Am I wrong or the exterior looks like an Audi A6?
    So anyway, can someone tell without being wrong when this car will hit the showrooms?
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    Those first 5 pictures aren't of the Sonata, it's supposedly the new XG.

    lexi4life, I think a_l_hubcaps is correct, a few articles have stated that March is when the Sonata will begin production in Alabama. Also one said that V6 versions will initially come from Korea where as the 4-cyl versions will come from Alabama. The Sonata is suppose to be revealed this month in Korea, but if not it will definetly be at the Paris show in September. When production will begin in Korea I'm not sure.

    Trial production at Alabama has already begun. 5HPLANTMAIN01W.htm

    And here is an article with some interesting tidbits. htm

    "Vehicle engines will be built on site and will meet the vehicle in general assembly, where workers on the production line will add parts, such as tires or electrical components, to each vehicle."

    Somehow I thought the 4-cyl engines will come from Michigan where Chrysler will get their's from but I guess not.

    "As part of the painting process, an electrically charged coating will be applied to each car to prevent corrosion. To eliminate air pockets and ensure 100 percent coverage, the shop will use a state-of-the-art process in which each car will be turned 360 degrees as the coating is applied."

    And here is an old article.

    "Parts suppliers will build whole sections of the vehicles off site, reducing in-house workloads and labor costs."

    The major stuff will be done on-site but some stuff as stated will be done by parts suppliers off-site.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Whatever car that is (Sonata or XG), it looks more to me like an Accord (from the rear, especially) than anything else.

  • Check this out (Hyundai Advertisement)

    interior/exterior mp;a- mp;a- mp;board_idx=3459 - - age=&tb_name=image_pdst - - age=1&tb_name=image_pdst age=&tb_name=image_pdst
    sources: (automobile section)

    2.0 Liter Engine with VVT (aluminum head/block)Korea only
    2.4 Liter Engine with VVT (aluminum head/block)
    3.3 Liter Engine with VVT (aluminum head/block)

    People in Korea tend to drive cars with small engines because of high gasoline price.
    About 4.50 per gallon. 70% gasoline tax is included...

    I saw some Sonata advertisements on yahoo korea and found out that the new sonata has 165 hp. (2.4L)The NF Sonata will be released on Sept. 1, 2004 in Korea. (Affordable A6)=(All-New Sonata)
  • 165 HP/ 23kg.m torque (2.4 Ceta engine)
    5 speed automatic transmission with shiftronic
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    2.0 MT = 1443 kg or 3181 pounds

    2.0 AT = 1450 kg or 3196 pounds

    2.4 AT = 1496 kg or 3298 pounds

    And we aren't even talking about the 3.3 V6 version yet. Hopefully that 2.4 version has a sunroof and a ton of standard equipment.

    This is basically on par with a TSX though so I have to think the 2.4 has power seats, a sunroof, stability control, 17" wheels, etc. to make it weigh so much.

    Anybody know the standard equipment on the 2.4 version? Also anyone know what the turning circle is?
  • cookie55cookie55 Posts: 15
    BusinessWeek {sept 6) has a 2 page article with rear qtr. photo of the new Sonata. Will be sold in U.S. in spring of 2005.
  • There is some more info for those, who can read in Russian :) /53462
  • sjoosjoo Posts: 7

    They just started selling the new model in korea.
    However,New Sonata will hit showroom on May 2005 in U.S.A.
    It will be built in alabama.
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807

    "Prices in Korea range from 16.25-23.3 million won (USD14,100-20,200), expected to be about 10 percent more than the anticipated sticker in the US."

    Could someone familiar with current Korean Sonata prices figure this out for us? I don't know what the equipment is for the 2.4 auto version (which I guess is USD 20,200) but I would guess it has a sunroof, stability control, leather, 17" alloys, etc. The US version will probably have 16" steel wheels, cloth, no sunroof, no stability control, etc. so that would trim the prices, maybe down to $18,000 USD? (I have no idea) Then it says to expect prices in US to be 10% lower so that would put the price about where the current one is.

    Current base model with automatic runs $16,800 ($15,300 invoice). Also I read somewhere that all trims in Korea have ABS and side curtains standard (can someone confirm this?). Since the current one here doesn't have ABS standard (and hopefully it will be standard on the new one) then that would account for any minor price increase.

    Bottomline, how much more is the new Sonata in Korea running compared to the old one? Factoring in any new standard equipment compared to the old one, is there any price increase?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,658
    really nice. Do you know if the American Sonata will look like that? Hyundai is spot on with this new body design. If this car can deliver in the gas mileage department(and there's no reason it won't be able to)Hyundai will sell tons and tons and...well...we are talking cars here, aren't we? Thousands of tons. One MILLION ton of them! Millions upon millions of tons of them! Whoo-hoo! Get your ships ready to ship, Hyundai! Take a look at the side view and tell me if that doesn't look sharp. This is the best Sonata body design I've ever seen.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    Well, Hyundai's got brass if nothing else! If the new model has just begun selling in the land of the Yin and Yang, and the Alabammy-made models will go on sale in the U.S. in May, '05, I hope Hyundai's not biting off more than they can chew regarding QC and American labor-Korean management issues. All this and a new engine lineup, too? At least the Japanese delay U.S. intros a year while they sort out new model quirks in the home market. Even at that the 2003 Accords (especially V6s) were problematic for a while.
  • So, if Japanese delays 1 year, we should all delay a year. So, if you have a new job, do you tell your employers that you like to take 1 year before actually joining the company so you can test the company out? Hyundai usually had 6 month delay launch since 1999. There hasn't been quality problem due to quick release decision. Your concern is unwarranted due to the fact that Hyundai has done this before very recently.
  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    I'd rather err on the side of caution, not naivete. Time will ultimately determine the wisdom of Hyundai's gamble. (Hint, Hyundai hasn't exactly had a sterling QC reputation until the very recent past. The make is still at the bottom of the food chain in resale value.) Your prose suggests English is a second language. Are you a Korean national who's currently or previously employed by Hyundai in North America? Have you previously posted on Hyundai owner forums under the "handle", "KIHO"?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,658
    to the point of quality itself not even being an issue with buying a new Hyundai. I drive a Kia, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hyundai, and I can't believe how good of a rig my '01 Sportage 4x4 is. No kidding. I don't own Kia stock, I'm not Korean nor do I sell Kia vehicles for a living. I will probably stay loyal to Kia and buy a new Kia for my next rig but if I were to stray a new Hyundai Tiburon is probably what I would buy.

    As to the "gamble" Hyundai is taking at's really not. Hyundai aims to be a top 5 automaker worldwide by 2010. To do that you've got to please American consumers. To please American consumers you've got to deliver a product to them that they want at a good price. Building in America gives them the American "connection" if you will. Americans get jobs out of the deal and Hyundai gets a huge plant right in America with a great pipeline of parts shipping availability and location. With the Long-Haul Warranty, which, unless you're as stupid as a...a...ummm...rock, was a brilliant move by Hyundai, consumers are not taking a gamble by buying a new Hyundai at all. Absolutely brilliant. Oh, and in case you're wondering, my Long-Haul Warranty works with my Kia. Actually I'm on my 2nd Kia now(my first one was not covered by the Long-Haul though)and I have always had whatever problem or concern I had taken care of professionally and courteously by my dealer.

    BTW-have you seen the 2005 Hyundai Sonata pictures yet? Whoa..this car is beautiful. A home run for Hyundai right off the proverbial bat, dudes and dudettes. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some new Drive-By Truckers to listen to. Speaking of the Alabama connection!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I dont think this car is beautiful, aggressive from the front but DEFINITELY Accord derivative in the rear. HOWEVER... its attractive overall, and if materials quality is as high as it seems to be and the engines are truly class competitve in power, refinement, and efficiency... this WILL be the vehicle that COMPLETELY changes the game for Hyundai. There are obstacles, still, though...

  • I guess you would wait out 1 year before you join a new company that just hired you. You are the one of those people who stops one’s car before driving over bridges, slowing down all the cars behind you in order to make sure the bridge is safe to cross over. Do you have a fear of dying? Did you run out of your daily self-injecting tranquilizer? Are you a naivete French? You are probably a follower. It is easy to follow, even if you are a naivete Honda follower.

    I never posted anything until I read your naivete logic about how Hyundai should delay 1 year to release their car because Honda does it. If company A does something, company B should do the same? Hyundai does not rely on Honda to make its decisions. Maybe, you do.

    Obviously, Hyundai is ready to release their car and they are confident about their quality management.

    RayHo, a bathhouse somewhere in San Francisco is calling for you to comeback; they miss your daily visits.

    palpeur idiot de Honda.
  • I agree with rk2469. I hope ray h think before he writes because his remark, "Your prose suggests English is a second language. Are you a Korean national who's currently or previously employed by Hyundai in North America? Have you previously posted on Hyundai owner forums under the "handle", "KIHO"?" is simply disgusting.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Its great that we're all adults, isnt it?

    Moving on... the new Sonata...

  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    I like the styling. Some features do look copied and I'm getting a little tired of Hyundai doing that -- they're growing up, and I'll only be happy with this design if it represents the future of Hyundai's overall lineup.

    On second thought... the headlights and taillights go well together; similar shape. And it's not a shape that instantly brings another car to mind; the color of the taillights looks Accordy, but the shape looks good. And the rear end (top of the rear fenders next to the trunk) along with the front bumper pads connect the Sonata to the current Elantra sedan. That's good.

    I imagine it'll be a "value" car in its class, as Hyundai hasn't quite caught up on its powertrains yet and will probably be skimping on some materials to get that value. (Like the weak sheet metal, paint, and window glass on the Elantra.) But overall it looks like a serious car. I wish it luck.
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    IMO any first year car is a gamble, no matter if it's been released in another market for a year or not. Hyundai has so many new products coming out that they don't have time to waste. Most companies like to spread out their new cars anyway to keep things fresh. A new car this month, another new car a few months from now, another one a few months after that, etc.

    The new XG is suppose to be shown in January, and I would guess released before the end of that year. The Sonata is so close in size to the current XG that the XG is pretty much outdated and almost pointless once the Sonata hits the lots. You also have the new Accent around the corner, and supposedly a new minivan, Santa Fe, and Elantra. There's even suppose to be a Sonata coupe at some point, but that remains to be seen.

    Didn't Nissan just recently send 200 engineers to their Mississippi plant that hasn't been opened very long? They were sent because of quality issues. When you have pretty much an all-new car like the Sonata combined with a new factory IMO it's a gamble, no matter if it's a Toyota or Hyundai. That's why I don't buy first year cars, but add in the fact it's a new factory makes it more of a gamble.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,658
    and I'll add to it that , once again, Hyundai and Kia seem to have an edge in the bodystyling department. Try as Honda and Acura and Toyota and Lexus and Nissan and Infiniti might and try as they may they just can't seem to get 'er done in the body styling department. Hyundai has smacked it cleanly out of the ballpark with this new Sonata design.

    Hyundai is rocking along nicely as far as quality goes. If I wanted a car in this class I would take a hard look at this 2006 Hyundai Sonata and the current Kia Amanti.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    I wish Hyundai every success. I am frankly disappointed with Hyundai's flagrant plagiarism of the soon to be three year old Accord's design, but that's a personal opinion. Others are always accorded (pun intended) the right to disagree. I just don't happen to believe that an assumption the new Sonatas will perfect out of the starting gate is a given. As I stated, time will tell, not belligerent, personal comments from a Korean Hyundai employee trolling owner forums plugging the company or sneeringly stirring the pot when someone dissents from his personal interpretation of the party line. By the way, rk2469, KIHO, or whatever other handles you're currently posting under on various Hyundai owner forums, how is your employment simile at all relevant to the discussion? Oh, and, what's with the "San Francisco bath house" reference? Another obscure simile whose relevance is known only to you?
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