Any news or updates on the 2017 Odyssey

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I was just wondering if anyone had any news or updates on the 2017 Odyssey. Especially would like to know about the release date.... I'm trying to stall out the '07 Odyssey my mom has til the '17 comes out.. It's very hard to find anything legit about it on any search engine that I've tried. Thanks in advance for any info..


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    All we are guessing is Fall, 2016. That could be August to December. Or our guess could be wrong.

    Honda only waited 5 years to go from the last generation to the current one, so they could be due for a major redesign. But they did a mid generation refresh in 2014. (per Wiki).

    My personal guess is that they'll just have the usual modest upgrades but nothing big.
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    Actually this is going to be a full redesign,, how extreme is anybody's guess but two other magazines have posted camouflaged vans under testing,,,, one (CD) posted pics quite a while back and it does look way different than current model and another (MT) posted pics on the 17th of this month is looks like that lightning shaped zigzag is gone from the front door..... sure wish they'd at least announce a date for it's release,,, I don't wanna buy a 2016 if I can avoid it.....
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    Lots of 2017s are already out!

    The zigzag disappearing would be worth waiting for. B)
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    also waiting to see if navi is touch screen again,,, don't want that knob that makes you take your eyes off the road... very unsafe setup... you can see the spy photos on MT and older ones on CD..... plus another site has some renderings that were turned in for patent applications... shows a panoramic sunroof for passengers.... you can definitely make out the family resemblance to the pilot...
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    Heh, a panoramic hole in the roof might be enough to convince my wife to look at yet another minivan. She's never been too happy riding shotgun in Odysseys though (we've tested them and my brother is on his second one). Be nice to see Honda make the dash a bit less intrusive.
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    If you want a cool interior.... you should see this new Honda they are releasing as a China only model called the Avencier.... there are videos of it on you tube and pics in press releases.... now that's a nice interior... and a good lookin vehicle too wish they'd sell it in the USA
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