Miss my Ford Ranger. Overheating.

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My husband has a 99 ranger 4x4 5 speed. It overheated; we replaced the we bottom hose to ft he radiator and the thermostat. It is a continual problem any suggestions!


  • rhinestonefuserhinestonefuse Member Posts: 76

    Bring your truck to a professional mechanic, don't attempt surgery on yourself at home.

    Another suggestion would be to try and determine the cause of the overheating situation:

    Is the collant low? Check the collant levl.
    Is there a puddle of coolant under the truck after it sits overnight? Repair the leak!
    Check the oil: does it look milky brown? Replace the head gasket.
    Start the truck and revthe engne: Is there steam cming out the tailpipe? See head gasket, above.
    If none of these things are apparent, then either you need a new water pump or your radiator is clogges up. Go to auto parts store and ask for a bottle of radiator flush. Follow instruction on the label. If THAT doesn't work, you can onlywin by givng the truck to a pro.

    Good luck
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