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2007 Honda Odessey Intermittent Problems With Alarm

pault001pault001 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in Honda
I am having intermittent problems in setting the alarm when remotely locking the vehicle. Normally when using the key fob to lock the vehicle, pushing the lock button once will lock the doors and flash the hazard lights. Pushing it twice will flash the hazards and honk the horn, indicating that the alarm is set.
Now, the doors will lock when the lock button is pushed but the alarm will not set, nor will the lights flash nor the horn sound. The problem occurs with either of the original key fobs that I have. I replaced the batteries in both units but the problem persists. The weird thing is that if I am parked in a parking structure, the alarm will set every time.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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