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F350 2003 6.0 Diesel blows turbo hose

powerhorsepowerhorse Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Ford
When under stress (9.5 foot camper, 2 horses in 16 foot trailer, heading up long hill), my 2003 F350 6.0 liter powerstroke blew out the clamp on the turbo hose (3" hose on top right of engine). Got the hose back on, but it keeps blowing off under stress. Ford says they won't honor warrantee if I drive it that way, even to get in a safe location. Ford Roadside Assistance was a loser - never called back when they said they would. Ford service tested it after the first time (just popped it back on and reclamped) and said everything was fine - but it happened again next time I had the truck out. This time I could not get the clamp to stay on - kept slipping off.
AAA got the clamp to stay on by putting an adhesive bandage under the clamp.

Anyone else had problems with the turbo hose? By the way, the hose itself looks damaged by heat - lots of burn marks.

I am really reluctant to take horses out into the boonies again - specially since there is often no cell phone service.



  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    I think that is a defective hose or something. I wouldn't think that trailer and two horses would be any heavier than my stepson's big fifth wheel trailer. And he hauls it back and forth to the desert all the time. He told me the 6.0 was 10 miles an hour faster pulling the trailer up Interstate 8 out of the desert than his 2001 7.3 Powerstroke. He never drives slow. I think you have a serious dealer problem also. Call Ford direct if that does any good. Ask them if they think you would do better with a Duramax or Cummins, that should get them moving.
  • Thanks for the reply - I just spoke to the service writer again and he said it was poorly designed spring clamps holding the hose on. Just a FYI - it only happend on mountain grades - long uphill for 10 miles or so - so perhaps it would not occur in the desert.

    If it happens again I will certainly take your suggestion and call Ford. I think the 3rd time with the same problem invokes a lemon law?
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Don't you hate when the dealership acts dumb when you know they have run into these problems before. Rod may have had the problem as that grade out of the desert on Interestate 8 goes from sea level to 5000 feet in about 10 miles. Lots of cars used to overheat. Not much anymore.
  • Just bought a new 6.0L. Less than 500 mi. Read these boards with interest. Thanks for taking the time to convey your experience.
    I had a 7.3L and was very happy with it. However, I ended up with a chip that doesn't work on the new engine though I was very pleased with its boost and ease of installation. That leaves me with a problem - to find a buyer for this chip.
    Now for the 2nd issue - which chip for the 6.0 L engine? Any interest in the "old chip"? Any opinions on a 6.0L chip?
  • What type of chip is it? I might be interested if it's a programmable 4-bank chip. Otherwise, you might try E-bay.

    I can't help you with chips for the new engine. I'm still in 7.3 land.
  • "which chip for the 6.0 L engine?"

    I have an '03 F350 Crew, King Ranch, 6.0L and I am looking into SuperChips ( Part #1704. It boosts the 6.0 by 150HP (for a total of 475hp) and 225lb/ft Torque (for a total of 785lb/ft).

    My only question, does a chip void the factory warranty?
  • Well, first off, I wouldn't try running that hot of a chip without first installing a pyrometer. A chip like that could very quickly get your EGT's way over 1,300 degrees(or whatever threshold the 6.0 turbo has). Do you tow with the truck? If so, that tuner may not be for you. Most hot chip/tuners that I know of are not recommended for towing due to the high EGT issue.

    Does the chip void the warranty? The Magnusson-Moss Act says that it doesn't. Will Ford honor that warranty? Who knows. You're kinda on your own with that one.
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