2007 Honda Civic Hybrid won't pass smog check. What should I do?

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I have a 2007 Honda Civic hybrid with 180k miles on it. It can't pass smog check due to needing a new Catalytic Converter and battery issues. I've been to a few shops and been quoted $2000 to get it up to code (which is too expensive for me).
I bought the car used 4-5 years ago with 70k miles on it for $11k and am pretty disappointed. There's body damage to the front and rear bumper too. I feel like I should just sell it but I don't think you can sell a car that can't pass smog in California.

What is my best option?:

1. bite the bullet and spend $2000 to fix it and pass smog. If I do this, realistically how many more miles should I expect to get from it.
2. Find a way to sell it and get something? How do I do this? What can I expect to get for it?
3. Does CA have exceptions to their smog check laws? What are they? The car runs (not great) but it works.
4. Something I'm not thinking of? It just feels silly to dump that much money into a car with that many miles on it.

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