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Is the next-generation A Class coming to the states? With all its body and engine configurations?


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    I don't think so... BMW will probably just bring the 2 series coupes and convertibles in north america and until they don't bring the whole 1 and 2 series lineup here, Mercedes won't even look at the opportunity they have to make money here with the A class. But would a car like the A class really sell?
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    I just thought about it: Audi wants to bring its A3 here, right? Well perhaps Mercedes will bring its A classes here just to compete with A3s. But they would have to "rethink" a bit this car for north american safety and pollution laws.
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    The B??
    That isn't a typical M-B name. Normally, they always skip some letters of the alphabet for their cars' names: "A", skip b, "C", skip d, "E", skip f, "G", skip h, the "I" isn't used, skip j, the "K" isn't used, skip l, "M", skip N, etc. All their lineup is like that. This "B" probably isn't the real name that will be used, but mercedes can always want to change its organisation of names.
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    From what I've read it will be the B-Class which will come to NA in the fall of 05 as an 06. I just hope it will be well built!

    http://www.thecarconnection.com/index.asp?n=156,178&sid=178&a- mp;article=7100
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    Well, before these here "hosts" pull that post too, I'll just say that's the shot that got me interested in the B. That burgundy (horrid color) one looks pretty good to me; much more appealing than the A class shots on the MB site.

    If they could bring it here with a decent (Audi quality) interior and some halfway decent six banger power, I'd go for a test drive.

    Failing that, a 3.2 DSG A3 Sportback looks mighty tasty.
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    Here're those A3 Sportback shots from Florida again:

    Not a bad lookin' little hauler. Not bad at all!
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    I was thinking more like Honda/Toyota quaility/reliability.

    Honda has this for Europe/Japan which may come to NA for 06. Not sure if Toyota would bring their Avensis or what I really like is the WISH. Think the sport wagon will be the future especially with oil/gas prices about to skyrocket.

    http://www.honda-club-ems-jade.de/Honda%20News/Honda_s_New_MPV_ED- IX/honda_s_new_mpv_edix.html

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    I think Mercedes-Benz has pretty much confirmed that the B-class (essentially a stretched A-class) will definitely be headed for the USA.

    It might use the supercharged 1.8-liter I-4 engine found on the C230 sedan and coupe, and I wouldn't be surprised that we may see a turbodiesel engine as an option one year after release (about the same time the USA completely switches over to low-sulfur diesel fuel).

    Expect the car to be officially unveiled at the 2005 Detroit International Auto Show this coming January.
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