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Power steering problems

cccar13cccar13 Posts: 2
edited April 2016 in INFINITI
So my problem is with the power steering belt alignment, and with the tensioner pulley.

There are a few issues. The pulley itself doesn't spin when tightened to the frame, but seems to spin fine without being tightened and the bearing seems ok, at least it spins easily. It also sets back farther than the rest of the pulleys (though that's hard to see in the pictures) causing a ridge to form in the belt after some time.

I got the car used so perhaps it's missing something in its assembly and that's why the spacing isn't right and it doesn't turn when tightened? Any ideas?

No auto parts stores in my area carry one for comparison either.


  • cccar13cccar13 Posts: 2
  • dannie78dannie78 Posts: 1
    My power steering isn't working unless I put fluid in and then its leaking some fluid and would like to know what I'm dealing with so I can look for it?

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