Transmission failure in 2009 Chevrolet Epica

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Chevrolet Epica transmission has stop duty !!

Hi Every Body & Good Day As Well To All of You Too ,,

I have Chevrolet Epica LS 2009 24V , this car it was one of my old toys engineered and designed , it has built in that make it work very well in very cold weather conditions and that is first of it is kind , where as the transmission 's oil passes inside the radiator to got warmer and never freazes during a seconds after ignition of the vehicle but i am in a very bad situation as some they got me retaired and kicked I of my own I forgot every thing regarding the manufacturing of that car so , my request for the expert or for those who have found a solution ( suddenly i found that the radiator water already mixed with transmission oil by an inside holes within the radiator i changed new water and oil and as I live in a warmer zoneI separated the both system so tht transmission's oil never enters below the radiator but the transmission is not working I checked gear box and it is working but the auto pedal is not catching up some found a solution by reseting the transmission wire but i forgot how can i make back on duty ,, send me email for the construction if possible ... [Email removed] ,,, thank you )
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