How Are The New 2016 Sierra's Doing?

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I just purchased (04/08/16) a 2016 Sierra SLT 1500 (Texas Edition) with the Z/71 package and the 5.3 V-8 and 6 speed transmission in quick silver with Jet black heated and cooled leather bucket seats and full floor console. This is the first time I have purchased one of the higher end trucks. I had always purchased in the mid range (Silverado LT's) and (1 GMC SLE Z/71) in the past. I really love this truck, so far, especially the good looks and options I got. They had the same truck with the new 8 speed transmission, but the 20" wheels on it were the chrome. I prefer and got the one with the 20" bright machined aluminum wheels on mine. They really set the truck off, in my opinion.

I was wondering if anyone is having any issues. I researched before I purchased, but the 2016 Sierra's have just recently released the newer updated ones, so not much information was available on them. GMC just kicked Chevy's [non-permissible content removed] in the appearance department, sorry!!! When my salesman told me about the crater on the hoods of the 2016 Chevy's not having a drain provision to dispose of collecting water and the fact he has several customers that purchased a 2016 Chevy that are furious, because they leave their trucks outside and when it rains, the hood crater fills up with water, thus creating a perfect "BIRDBATH". After the rain stops, the birds flock to the hood crater and bathe. Then they do their business on the hood :o. I am not trying to be funny, because that was one of the major factors that led to me buying the GMC.

Oh well, just wondering if others out there are having good luck with their new 2016 Sierra's. OMG, they look Good!!!


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    I have a 2016 SLT that I bought back in Feb. It has the 6.2 with the towing package and I now have about 2800 miles on it.  Been great so far and my only complaint is that the front air dam is a little low as I scraped it a few times while on a camping trip.
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