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Abs . traction control .Service stability

jorellanojorellano Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in Pontiac
I Bought a 2005 pontiac grand prix supercharged 3.8 L Comp G about a month ago . i got a really good price so i knew I'd have to put some Money into it. But when i test drove the car before buying it ran like a champ of course. A couple days later the car died and after replacing the battery and alternator i noticed the ignition cylinder didn't go into the off position it stayed in acc so i had a locksmith come and clean and rebuild my ignition lock cylinder fixed that problem . the ac didnt work so i took it to tire kingdom where it took three hours for the technition to come and tell me he opened a cap and antifreeze exploded all over the inside of my hood and on my air filter . ( he was trying to clean it off for the three hours) they charged me 150$ to do this and i still don't know what's wrong with the air but now there are bigger problems. Yesterday i was driving and came to a stop sign when the dic displayed Abs. Traction control. Service stability flickered all lights And then the car locked the doors and shut down. It didn't crank or click or make any sound the lights didn't come back on or anything . i towed the car home And changed the battery terminals and the car started then smoke started coming from near the fuse box and by the throttle now you can hear a click from the throttle when turning the key to start but nothing happens
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