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Suspension components simply fall to bits..PROOF

keefwivanefkeefwivanef Member Posts: 10
edited April 2016 in Tesla
Here is a thread on Tesla Motor Club in which an owner from China posts conclusive evidence that the suspension has dangerous weaknesses.

The rear axle shaft broken without reason
Discussion in 'Model S' started by SamPP, Today at 7:18 AM.
New Member
Location:Hong Kong
#1SamPP, Today at 7:18 AM
In China , the rear axle shaft broken and the brake pad fly out
without reason . Model S has not any collision .
The car will be send to California checking.

I am not owner. The car is 70D delivered in January 2016. He drove about 3000KM.
The car have not any accidents after delivery car. The road is perfect.
Band ! When he wanted to brake car and the car slip
When he got off , He found the rear axle shaft broken and the brake pad fly out but the car has not any collision .

Todd Burch said: ↑
2nd case of "this part just randomly broke!" coming from China.

News flash, people here don't fall for it. You hit something and are now trying to scam Tesla to get them to cover the damage. It's not going to work.
Sorry man, as far as I know, there has been at least 5 similar cases happened in China from the year 2014. Not all the cases reported here. Do all the owners try to scam Tesla? In this case specifically , the owner could have asked the insurance to cover the damage, why not? Because he got the police report clarifying he didn't hit anything before the accident.
If it's a single case, it could be doubtful, but now, it just happened successively.

Clearly, things like this have serious impact on the potential Chinese customers. The reason is easy: It's acceptable to have some mechanical failure, but it is unacceptable to have no reply, no solution and no customer care.


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    keefwivanefkeefwivanef Member Posts: 10
    The fractured bolt is getting set to slice the wheel in half.
    Happens over and over.
    See more photographs.
    Google Tesla Whompy Wheels
    and Sliced Wheels.
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