New Honda FR-V (EDIX Minivan in Japan)

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What are the possibilities of getting the FR-V in the US market?

Pics and info,

I did notice in the interior Flash movie they had a left hand drive model....


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    to be the Stream replacement, at least in Europe. There had been a rumor that the Stream was coming to NA (according to Motor Trend) this year as the Latitude. Because apparently the stream was an "old" design the FR-V/Edix is it's replacement. Let's HOPE Honda does bring it here early next year as an 06. The Civic will be all new in 06 so maybe this will be added to it. - - - - IX/honda_s_new_mpv_edix.html

    Maybe Honda doesn't want to take anything away from the 05 Odyssey but for me a smaller vehicle like the FR-V/Edix would fit me fine. The 2.4 160/200hp engine will probably be the engine for the NA market and maybe even the diesel.

    You are correct that is LEFT HAND DRIVE on one of the pictures!

    From the Honda website..

    Also from Honda will be the Acura RD-X half Honda CR-V and half Acura RSX. There were pictures of the RD-X in the August issue of Car and Driver. Think Honda/Acura will have a HIT with each one of these here in NA. The RD-X IS coming. Let's hope we also get the FR-V/Edix.
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    Thank you vcarreras for all the info.

    I think it's the perfect competitor for crossover vehicles like the Toyota MATRIX, Mitsubishi Outlander etc. Same concept and strong possibilities of getting it here. But as we all know Honda is a very cautious company when it comes to introducing new models.

    BTW I saw the 'Cupid' movie that shows the wagon in action and looks to be fairly tall, almost as tall as a Chrysler Minivan. Seems shorter than most US market minivans though.

    They report a 5m (16.5 feet) turning radius which is a plus when parking downtown.
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    for this size vehicle. It should be larger than the Matrix but smaller than the Sienna. Honda also has the Elysion and JDM Odyseey which unfortunately appears not coming to NA. Too bad especially the JDM Odyssey. What IS coming to NA is the Acura RD-X and wonder if the FR-V/Edix is based off of this or a completely new platform. Gosh I wish we knew what Honda and Toyota are thinking and if they will bring the FR-V/Edix and what I still like is the Toyota Wish. They are both economical and practical. Guess time will tell. Hopefully sooner and not later.
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    Given the fact that Honda has designed the FR-V/Edix to meet the very stringent European New Car Assessment Programme (EuroNCAP) crash test standards, it means the vehicle will easily meet the NHTSA crash standards and will do well on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash tests.

    The US version--likely called Honda Latitude--could be unveiled as early as the Detroit International Auto Show in January 2005 to be sold as a 2006 model. It'll probably use the 2.4-liter I-4 i-VTEC drivetrain rated at 160 bhp, the same drivetrain used on the Honda CR-V small SUV (the Latitude might even replace the CR-V!).

    It should be noted that the Acura RD-X concept car shown a few years ago looks suspiciously like the FR-V/Edix is now. That means the final Acura RDX small SUV due the fall of 2005 may look almost identical to the FR-V/Edix, but will likely have a different rear end design and also will likely have a 200 bhp Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid drivetrain.
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    "The US version--likely called Honda Latitude--could be unveiled as early as the Detroit International Auto Show in January 2005 to be sold as a 2006 model."

    Interesting -- what is the source of your information?

    "It'll probably use the 2.4-liter I-4 i-VTEC drivetrain rated at 160 bhp, the same drivetrain used on the Honda CR-V small SUV"

    Bought my wife a 2003 CR-V EX AWD and love that engine (same as the accord but re-geared I think?). The Frame although monocoque is still quite heavy -- ergo mileage suffers (around 20 mpg overall)-- but the engine does deliver a lot of torque and punch. I live in South Orange County, Calif. (most people drive 60~70 mph on surface streets) and I can vouch that the SUV can keep up.

    "(the Latitude might even replace the CR-V!)."

    IMHO maybe not. The two cars have different markets altogether.

    Interesting point -- when I go back to South and SE Asian Markets I notice most Japanese majors sell enlarged (stretched) minivan versions of every car platform they have which they call VERSO. Therefore Toyota has a YARIS verso (YARIS I think is smaller than the ECHO??) as well as COROLLA verso (Matrix?) and AVENSIS verso. The last one can actually seat 7 people in Asia and looks very similar to the Toyota WISH for the Thai Market that VCARRERAS mentioned. VERSOs are not fully developed minivans -- more like crossovers i.e. raised body wagons.
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    Edix/FR-V would make for a nice addition to Honda lineup here in NA. It is based off CR-V, and with 169 in length, it is 6 in shorter than Civic. European version gets 2.0 and 2.4 liter I-4 with 2.2-liter diesel expected to power it as well. The 2.4 and the diesel would give it plenty of potential for a reasonable success in the USA and Canada.
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    Actually, there has been serious talk about bringing over the Toyota Corolla Verso to the US market, possibly powered by a variant of the Hybrid Synergy Drive drivetrain used on the Toyota Prius but with a bigger gasoline engine. It should be noted that the Corolla Verso is larger than the Matrix and could be quite popular with people who want the versatility of a minivan but not the minivan's bulk.

    By the way, given that the upcoming Acura RDX small SUV will probably share a lot of components from the Honda FR-V/Edix models, that means the FR-V/Edix was probably designed to accommodate a four wheel drive drivetrain. If that is the case there is the possiblity that the next-generation CR-V will use the body of the FR-V/Edix but a somewhat different rear end treatment. (Hmmm!)
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    Edix/FR-V is offered with AWD (not sure, RT-AWD or VTM-4).
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    One last thing. I have to mention the Honda Mobilio in passing as the still-active predecessor to a lot of the Honda vans and suv's (especially the larger FR-V) with revolutionary ideas. This small van has three row seats, very low floor, easy entry, auto door with safety etc.etc.

    Still an example of super space-efficient design.

    No winner in the sexy dept. but a functional 'honest' beauty all it's own in a 'geeky' sort of way.

    One variant of the Mobilio is called the spike --which is Honda's entry against the Scion Xb.
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    Reviews of the Honda FR-V (This is a small crossover vehicle based in part on a stretched CR-V platform). The FR-V competes with the VW Touran as well as the Fiat Multipla in Europe. This class of car is the next stage for evolution of the midsize family crossover vehicle in the US market. - .html - tml
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    FR-V is actually shorter in length than CR-V.
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    minor things (small rear window with poor rear vision) the review was pretty positive on the FR-V. Think Honda should take a good look at the negatives and fix before it enters the NA market.

    I just returned from San Migel de Allende, Mexico where I saw several VW Touran (they call it the Shuran there) and even the Fiat Stilo Multipla Wagon. They turned my head because they are both very attactive.

    raychuang00 you say the Toyota Corolla Verso may come to the NA market. If it is larger than the Matrix how would it compare in size to the WISH? Why not bring in the Wish which has 2+2+2 seating?
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    First pix are now out of the production version of the Mazda Flexa/4 which now will be called the Mazda5. Way more attractive than the Edix and should be roomier than the Corolla Verso.
    6+1 seating sounds like it will be 2+2+2 with a middle position in the second row similar to the 8 pass. set-up of the new Odyssey. It'll definitely be on our shortlist if Mazda brings it out here.
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    the BEST looking vehicle I have seen in a long time. When the pictures were first shown of the MX Flexa they stated that it probably would not come to the NA market. Let's hope Mazda (Ford) does bring it here and well built. The 5 looks so much like the Toyota Wish but probably a little larger.
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    I think it's VERY likely that Mazda will bring the Mazda5 to the US market, especially in light of the enormous success of the Mazda3 and Mazda6 hatchback versions in the US market.

    But getting back on topic, I do see something like the FR-V/Edix sold in the USA, but it will likely have a different rear end than the FR-V/Edix. The US-market car will likely use the K24A 2.4-liter i-VTEC I-4 engine, probably rated at 170 bhp.
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    Well, it looks like Honda will be playing catch-up once again, as Mazda will be bringing the "5" to Canada
    and it looks like the US as well (see Mazda4/Flexa forum). Toyota is leading sub-compact sales in Canada with the Echo/Echo hatch and is doing quite nicely with Scion in the US as well. Honda? They now say they will enter the subcompact market (2006?) but won't even say for sure with what vehicle. I wouldn't be surprised if Toyota follows Mazda 5's lead with their rececntly re-designed Corolla Verso and while we've heard rumours of a Honda "Latitude" for years, we're still waiting.
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    Although I'm a 2-Honda owner, I have to say that I much prefer the Mazda5 over the FR-V. The 5 simply has a lot more grace and sleekness than the awkward looking FR-V. The Corolla Verso would be great, but better still would be the Wish.
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    Mazda USA has not issued a press release on the 5 here. Would have to see the FD-V or Acura RD-X to see how they are. I like you would like to have a WISH. Unfortunately Toyota hasn't said anything yet. Maybe they are waiting to see what reception the 5 gets plus the Mercedes B-class which will all be about the same size.
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    Mazda5 appears to be a Honda Stream competitor, not FR-V. Is it the replacement to Mazda MPV?
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    what the Honda FR-V is. European reviews state that it is the Stream replacement so we will go with that. The Mazda5 appears to be the Mazda Premacy and MPV replacement in Europe with a size between the two. Someone stated that a new MPV coming to the US in 06 or 07 will be larger based on the Mazda6 to compete with the Sienna and Odyssey. Here we are looking for something smaller that's why the 5 or FR-V is of more interest for us.
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    We do know what FR-V is. It is a slightly different version of CR-V (shorter but wider), with two rows of “flex” seating to accommodate up to six passengers.
    Stream, OTOH, is a mini-minivan. About a year ago, a rumor was floating around regarding arrival of Stream as “Latitude”. Haven’t seen a renewal of the topic yet, but Stream is to Honda what 5 appears to be for Mazda.


    Compare to Mazda5.
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    The exterior looks nice but I'm still not exactly sold on the 3-3 seating. I'd much prefer 2-2-2 or the traditional 2-3 seating style.
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    In FR-V, with 3+3 configuration, you have a choice to fold down a seat, have armrest, and a table with 2+3 configuration. I don't see a problem with flexibility between 2+3 and 3+3.

    To go 2+2+2, however, the vehicle will have to be longer than the FR-V is. At only 169 inch long, the FR-V is 3 inch shorter than CR-V and 6 inch shorter than Civic. Imagine squeezing in a third row. Thats where vehicles like Stream come into play.
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    then the CRV because it doesn't have the wheel in back? Do you know if it's coming to NA? If so when?
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    It is 3" shorter than the CR-V without the spare mounted on the back and 7" shorter than CR-V with spare mounted at the back (Japanese market gets both versions of CRV).
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    still doesn't offer space to store all my junk- CD's, etc. Because the seat cushion takes up all the space. A Stream sized vehicle is perfect, because there's just enough room for a 2-2-2 combination, so I can have a center console up front to store junk.
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    Toyota Wish Interior - 3%20017.jpg

    and Exterior(Thai Market)

    Toyota Corolla Verso (UK Market) - - rge/04-verso-top.jpg rge/04-verso-int-facia.jpg


    In short,

    The corolla verso is a shorter and taller version than the Toyota Wish. The wish is longer and lower slung.

    Conversely, the FR-V is taller and shorter than the Stream.

    FR-V and Corolla Verso are similar in size/function and serve a different market than the Honda Stream/Toyota Wish. The latter have three row seating, the former two don't.
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    The Corolla Verso doesn't have seating for six. The FR-V does, for some reason.
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    Honda is a step ahead in keeping up with the Europeans here (for the 3+3 configuration). The VW Touran and Fiat Multipla started the trend and Honda is one of the first Japanese companies in Europe to follow AFAIK. The Civic Chassis was lengthened and also widened a bit to accomodate the 3+3 configuration.

    There is currently no Japanese market model besides the EDIX that qualifies as a 3+3 hatchback/van. Parking spaces are REALLY narrow (whether nose in or parallel parking). I remember that most high grade models in Tokyo I've seen come with side-mirror power-fold as standard ! Some smaller cars have the rear doors only open curbside (their left). Parking is Tight !

    But Versos -- like I've said before -- are immensely popular. Only that they're narrow in Japan, and not wide like in Europe. Practicality before looks is a simple Japanese trait. Some versos are looking darn nice though, these days.

    Looking back -- the first verso was a Mitsubishi model. Anyone remember the LRV? It was way ahead of its time.
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    is very tight. And you won't see many Camry/Accords driving around town. But you will see truckloads of Corolla Versos, Ipsums, Streams and other similar cars.
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    if the FR-V will be coming to the USA? I have read that the Mazda5 is not, no WISH, nothing about the Corolla Verso and up to now no BMW 1 Series. What is coming is the Mercedes B-Class and Audi A3 which apprear to be about the size of the others. Europe and Japan are getting what I would be in the market for.
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    I don't think anybody knows. Except for Honda.
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