2001 Frontier electrical power cutting out after engine warms-up

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I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SC with AT, only 85k miles on it. The truck has been extremely reliable with no mechanical issues at all until recently when I suddenly have a pretty severe electrical problem.
I have been searching online forums for several days but have not found anything that matches what is happening on my truck. If anyone has experience with similar issues or has advice on how to troubleshoot/fix this problem I would REALLY appreciate it. See below for a detailed summary of the problem.

Problem statement: Loss of electrical power after engine warm-up
When problem happens/how often: First occurrence of any electrical problem was on Friday 4/8/16. The loss of electrical power has happened consistently every time the vehicle is started and run for more than 5-6 minutes.
Symptoms: Problem occurs while driving or when sitting at idle and in park.
-Engine idle drops low and engine runs rough.
-Electrical power is lost to entire instrument panel.
-Power windows do not operate.
-Turn signals do not operate.
-Transmission is stuck in high gear (no power to TCM).
-Windshield wipers do not operate.
-If engine is turned off the ignition will not work (no starter or relay clicking just silent).
-Cabin fan still functions, Radio still functions, Hazard lights still function, Headlights still function, Fuel pump still functions.
Observations/Troubleshooting: The problem happens approximately 5-6 minutes after engine has started and warmed up, this has been repeat tested several times.
-Once the engine is warm the problem happens about every 2 minutes, the power cuts out and stays off for about 75 seconds then power comes back on for about 50 seconds before cutting out again.
-This cycle of power loss repeats when sitting at idle in park or when driving, the timing is slightly altered when driving.
-A relay under the dash can be heard actuating about 5-10 seconds before power comes back on.
-The battery charge has not been affected by this problem.
-Checked fuses.
-Cleaned battery terminals.
- Swapped relays between control items with common relay parts.
Parts replaced:
• A new alternator was installed on 4/11/16.

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