Electrical issue - Escalade

wisewoodywisewoody Member Posts: 1
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My 2009 Escalade with 104,000 miles has developed an electrical issue. It has occasionally lost all electrical power. starts and drives perfect, park it for several hours, go to start is and it has no power. No dome lights, does not respond to the key fob, completely dead. If you pop the open and close the hood with the drivers door open it's like it resets itself and everything is fine again. Starts right up but radio has lost power and the clock needs to be reset.

It has done this a handful of times. Now today, while driving slowly, it really flipped out. Radio turning on and off, door locks unlocking and locking repeatedly, transmission shifting in and out of gear. I pulled over and turned it off and restarted it and all was fine.

Seems to be getting worse.

Any idea what my trucks issue is? Computer?

Thanks, wisewoody ( not so wise on this issue )
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