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I consider myself a savvy buyer. I ask a lot of questions and gain a lot of knowledge before entering a dealership. In some cases I've dealt with sale people, in others I've gone straight to a fleet manager and for the rest I've passed on if I can't get the deal I'm looking for. It just depends on the bargain I'm looking for or can't find (in the case where I walk away).

I'm looking at dealer invoice prices and I know for a fact that everything I'm finding on the internet is a bunch of bologna. I'm hoping someone proves me wrong about the "small" mark-up the dealerships make. But first before you try to prove me wrong let me throw a few numbers of deals I've made in the past.

OTD Price = Cost + Tax + License + any other B.S. Fees the dealer wants to charge

2003 Kawasaki Ninja
MSRP: $10,995
OTD Price: $7,700.00
Decision buying Time: 6 months

2005 Yamaha Silverado 1100
MSRP: $9,495.00
OTD Price: $8,000
Decision Buying Time: 1 Months

2006 Dodge Ram Diesel Megacab
MSRP: $49,995.00
OTD Price: $32,000.00
Decision Buying Time: 4 months

Yes, in every case sale people cringed when they saw coming every other day for amount of time I spent deciding if I had the deal I wanted. Some sales people handed me off to another sales person because they just wanted to cut their losses. Go figure! In the case of the 2003 Kawasaki Ninja the biggest RV Dealer (name not given to protect their identity) located in Azusa, CA. didn't even want to do business with me because of the ruckus I cause among their sales staff. They claimed that 7 sale people had to split a $50 commission. I don't believe it - but whatever, the deal was made and I walked away a happy motorcyclist. Business is business, no need to get their panties in a bunch.

I have a few more that I can list here. My point is, I'm seeing as little as $1,500 difference between Dealer invoice and MSRP. What am I missing here and where can I get the true invoice price.

Please don't say already has the "true" invoice price. I need some rock solid facts to believe it.

Thanks everyone - I hope to gain some knowledge for my next car buying experience which is going to be soon. :)


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    Invoice hasn't been a "real" number for years.

    But what else do you have to work off of? There's MSRP and holdback. Sometimes you can find dealer cash. The rest is bonus money, spiffs, cruises, loaners, demo deals, tech training, special service tools - well who knows?

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