Natural Gas Fuel Pressure Issues

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Had my 2007 Honda GX Natural Gas Vehicle for about a year. Has 128000 miles on it. Started giving me a problem where after I fill the tank, the next morning, the low fuel light would keep flashing, and the fuel guage would slowly go to empty, but, it still had fuel and would drive okay. Searched the various blogs and found that fuel pressure switch or fuel temp sensor could cause this. Took it to 2 local Honda dealers and both told me that there aren't codes for the CNG system, so they would just have to trouble shoot it, at about $125. I decided to replace the 2 switches and had an independent CNG mechanic do that. $396 and that didn't work. Took it back to one Honda Dealer and paid him to trouble shoot. They told me the P1 Pressure Regulator was bad. Repair Estimate, over $3000. Question, has anyone found a way to rebuild this part, or an alternative source? Thanks for your input.
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