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10 Best Cars for Uber Drivers | Edmunds.com

Looking to drive for Uber but need a new car? We compiled a list of top picks for ride-share drivers.

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  • bassracerxbassracerx Member Posts: 188
    It is worth noting pay attention to tax laws for vehicle write offs and to keep track of miles. not sure if the Price cap is MSRP or the Purchase price. Also i am interested in how It works out being an uber driver with a $35k+ vehicle. I just find it unlikely that someone who could afford a $90,00 Escalade would need the extra income from being an uber driver. Do you get to charge more for using a premium vehicle? Also i would like to nominate the Subaru XT crosstrek for being both compact and Winter/rainstorm ready so you could take advantage of some surge pricing and not have to stay home lose out on some money.
  • zandorzandor Member Posts: 67
    An Escalade only makes sense for UberSUV. That's a side job for livery drivers. Same with the MKT and CT6, though those are Uber Black.

    They got the #1 spot right though. Nothing like a Prius for low operating cost.

    That said buying a new car for Uber is nuts unless your're a livery driver using SUV or Black as a side job. UberX and XL allow 10 year old cars in most markets and 15 in some, so you are much better off buying a used car to drive for Uber. New cars are a luxury item. They just depreciate too quickly.
  • sonny28sonny28 Plano, TexasMember Posts: 65
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    Sorry for carrying this off-topic, but Uber sucks... At least driving for the company does. I was with them for 6 months. Learned a lot, but I didn't enjoy it. Only good part was interacting and getting acquainted with select customers... A lot of them were wonderful. I absolutely dislike Uber's "no-tip" policy. Safe to say that I can collect all the tips with my own food truck I operate and run now. Nothing's better than having your freedom and working for yourself compared to being a "contracted driver" who is made to "pretend" to be self-employed. No offense Uber drivers - I have great respect and appreciation for how strong you guys are in putting up with the job. In conclusion, Uber is awesome for its customers but not for the drivers. Oh yeah, I agree that the Prius is best for the job - if you don't call it quits as soon as I did.
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  • SilvesterSilvester New Hampshire, USAMember Posts: 1
    Wrong. I have the ideal car for Uber X. 2009 Ford Crown Vic. P71 Police Interceptor (retired cop car.) I bought it with 86k miles for less than $4k last July. Now, 8 months later i've driven it 32,000 miles and the only repair I've done was a $25 coil pack. Other than that it's been just brake pads & tires. I'm a GM and Chrysler guy more so than FoMoCo but the Crown Victoria is a great value. Durrable, reliable & cheap to fix. The car's venerable nature more than makes up for the extra fuel costs. Either way Uber is no get rich quick scheme. You are destroying your cars resale value just in terms of mileage & wear & tear. Drunk idiots will throw up in your car on occasion, people track mud, sand & salt all over your back seat and some jerks even sneak in alcohol. One guy dumped an entire beer in back seat. I spent 2 hours on the phone in multiple phone calls to get my cleaning fee and even then they only gave me $30 >:-(
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