2014 Acadia Transmission jerking

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I have a 2014 GMC Acadia with 26,850 miles on it. Since I purchased the vehicle I have had several issues. All of the exterior lights had to be replaced due to condensation inside the lights, oil leak, air conditioner sometimes will not work, air bag malfunction light has been coming on and issues with the transmission jerking. I have taken the vehicle to the dealership numerous times and while they have corrected most of the problems the transmission issue remains unresolved. After slowing the vehicle down when I go to accelerate again the engine revs up and then jerks very hard. It's like the transmission doesn't know what gear to shift to and hesitates and when it finally selects a gear it jerks the hell out of the car. It doesn't do it every time but lately it's been jerking so hard that my 4 kids even notice it and ask if we hit something. I've taken it in 3 times but I always get the same response. No problems found. I was just at the dealership yesterday having the air bag serviced and had them check the transmission again. They said they drove it around and didn't notice anything. They only drove it two miles so I'm not surprised they didn't notice anything. Anyone else having issues with their Acadia doing this?


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    I have similar issues with a 2012 Acadia. My car has 144000 km (90,000 + miles). Took it to the dealer, and response was no codes no fixes! At least your dealer drove it 2 miles! Seems to not be sure about shifting between 1600 and 2100 RPM at highway speeds (you can watch the Tach bounce). Most pronounced in cruise. Surging sometimes barely perceptible, other times very pronounced.

    Leather seat cover problems resolved under warranty. Cracking. No issues since then.

    Any guidance is appreciated.
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    Ours does the same thing. Dealer can never find anything wrong. Of course it doesn't do it when they are driving it, so there 'CAN'T' be anything wrong with it. Slammed so hard the other day when my wife was driving, she thought she got rear ended. She actually pulled over to make sure no one hit her.
    I can't imagine this is isolated, and I would bet dollars to donuts that GM knows about it and just doesn't want to fix it. By the time it seriously damages the trans, they hope the vehicle will be out of warranty, and then they can collect thousands more from you to fix it.
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    I too have had several different people look at my 2012 Acadia SLT1 for doing the same RPM jumping and "hard shifting" I was just told "it sounds like you need your computer re-flashed, that it is most likely an ECU problem" Im not sure this will fix anything but it seems to be a very cheap (under $200) fix if it is truly that,
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    Problem Solved!! I also had this same transmission jerking problem with our 2014 Acadia. We bought it new and it has been babied. Started doing it around 30,000 miles. At slower speeds around 25-35 it would hammer in gears quite hard. It also was confused about what gear it needed to be in and would shift into third up a big hill causing big power problems until i stepped on that gas hard to force it to hammer back down into 3rd. This is most prevalent on steep hills. It would jerk or bounce back and forth without stopping if everything was static untill you pushed the gas down quite a bit to snap it out of it. We also took it in twice to be fixed and the techs drove it around unable to reproduce it of course.. My wife actually went to drop the loaner car back off and they suggested riding in it with her. she was able to make the car do it easily and they were quite stumped as to what that might be. They ended up replacing the torque converter and the car runs like new again. Hope this helps.
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    New to the forums and found this thread while searching for answers to my current GMC Acadia problem.
    Recently, I’ve notice that if I keep my RPMs at about 1,500; it will gently “bounce” anywhere between 1,200-1,800 RPMs and the car’s speed will “surge” like a wave. This isn’t a hard shift but a rather gentle one. I don’t get a check engine light or code warning. I’ve taken it to Auto Zone and their free error check found nothing. But, the service tech said it sounds like a transmission shift solenoid issue.
    Has anyone had similar issues? Has their been any solutions identified? Thank you all in advance.
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