2016 Highlander Stiff Ride

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Just traded my 2004 Highlander for a 2016 Highlander (V6, AWD). The ride on the 2016 is stiffer than the 2004, leading me to believe the engineers tweaked the suspension. Why, I don't know. One of the best features of the 2004 was its comfortable ride, especially how it handed rough spots in the road. Has anybody else who's traded a 1st generation Highlander for a 3rd generation Highlander noticed this?


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    What tire size is on your 2016? Are smaller wheels available? The large wheel option often can ride pretty rough because it requires low-profile tires.
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    Check the tire pressures. Many new cars have much higher tire pressures than specified by manufacturer and the dealer does not always remember to deflate to proper air pressure.
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    Sorry I took so long to reply. I'll check the pressure and let you know.
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    Sorry it took so long to reply.

    My Highlander has got Michelin 245/60R18 tires.
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    18" wheels are the smallest, 19" and 20" are also available. And 60 series are usually OK as far as ride quality. So a smaller wheel/taller tire doesn't appear to be possible. If the tires are at the correct pressure, I don't have anything else to recommend.

    Note - your 2004 probably had worn struts/shocks, which would make it ride smoother.
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    typesix and texases:
    Thanks for your comments. I now understand the ride difference between my 2004 and my 2016. Also I was able to fix the problem by reducing the tire pressure from 40 to 35 -- Toyota's recommended pressure. Now I've got a ride more comparable to my 2004. Thanks again.
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