Need cheapest car insurance to sell a used car that is not being driven now!

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I am about to sell my 07 RAV4 LTD with 112k miles. Valued $7000 to $8000. Good condition.

My SF insurance is expiring . Need to buy the cheapest insurance until the sale. Can you guys recommend?

I am not driving it , it will only be test driven by buyers...

Need to be cheap insurance ...pls recommend which / options etc.



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    Hm, you might check with your agent and see if you can pay by the month. That was an option when I lived in Michigan but with a different company. If three or six months is the minimum, you can ask your agency what happens if you cancel - maybe they'll prorate the unused days/months of coverage and give you a refund.

    I suppose you could ask for proof of insurance from prospective drivers but that seems a bit risky since any injured party likely would come after the owner too.
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    Do not let the buyers test drive alone and always accompany them. Actually a friend used to always drive himself with the buyer sitting as passenger. Do not test drive more then 5 miles round trip.
    If you do this routine then you only need a third party liability insurance with no collision or comprehensive cover. Also all the benefits payable can be kept to a minimum. GEICO has a great menu system on its website for choosing Insurance options , ala-carte style.
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