Odometer and trip display malfunction

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My wife uses the trip reset a lot to measure distances. Today she used it, but no display on bottom of Vehicle Information Display between Tach and Speed. I checked and the top half of odometer numbers were at very bottom of screen and bottom half of reset mileage numbers were at top of screen. Played with a bunch of buttons and resets from the steering wheel controls. Nothing. Went inside, came back about an hour later. Everything is normal.
Will probably call dealer, but no point taking it in. Wonder if there is a known problem or just one of those millions of electronic gremlins running around in all cars today. The more tech, the more defects.


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    Dealer believes it is instrument cluster and is a "splitting screen" and is contacting Nissan. The display may work fine, but then starts to flip information all over the place. Seems to malfunction in PM after car sitting in sun all day. I suspect this may be a known problem that has not reached TSB or recall level yet.
    It is called the Vehicle Information Display in the owner's manual.
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    Nissan is going to replace the "instrument cluster" since they have no idea what is causing the problem. Car has only 8,000 miles and is two months shy of warranty expiring. Wonder how many will have problems after the warranty expires?
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    Nissan replaced the instrument cluster. Took longer than they anticipated, but SM said it was first time they ever did one. Now we wait to see if it happens again. All my settings remained in place, but the "factory" had to pre-progam the odometer reading when they shipped it.
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