Automatic transmission problem

daniel_robert3daniel_robert3 Member Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in Chrysler
my 2005 has a weird trans problem. Before i start the only previous work that was done on this vehicle was cylinder head overhaul at 220 k. The trans works and shifts 100 percent perfect. It does not slip at all. occasionaly it will go into neutral and rev up. It is not slipping just does this for a second or two then right back into gear and works perfect for days or weeks till it does the same thing. fluid is full not burnt. I did relace input and output sensors [non-permissible content removed] well as solenoid pack all brand new. Same problem. I am a vehicle mechanic now retired, even worked for Chrysler for awhile but i confess the newer electronically controlled trans are a mystery. please help any assistance would be appreciated
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