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Not the First With a

The 2016 Tesla Model X has a panoramic sunroof that is certainly novel, but not unique.

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  • cobrysoncobryson Posts: 110
    How in the heck did an Astra end up on the Grand Canal in Venice? That's what I want to know...
  • throwbackthrowback Posts: 445
    GM had a better solution. Tesla should consider it for the Model X.
  • Actually the Citroen C4 Picasso and C3 had Zenith Windscreens before the Opel did. The C4 got it in 2007.
  • handbrakehandbrake Posts: 99
    "Given that Tesla managed to figure out the falcon doors..."

    Really? That's not what a lot of other owners are reporting. The falcon doors seem to be something of an, er, albatross.
  • actualsizeactualsize Santa Ana, CaliforniaPosts: 451
    Reason number 847 why those doors are stupid. They monopolize the roof and headliner space you'd need to have the sort of retractable sunshade seen on the cars that pioneered the receding hairline windshield. There's nowhere for that mechanism to live.

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  • dgcamerodgcamero Posts: 148
    Cheese and rice...just add some more tint already.
  • ev_fanev_fan Posts: 1
    Tesla has a sunshade that will be made available to all Model X owners who want it. I haven't had the need for something like that yet, and find the tint overhead to be sufficient.
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