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2011-'12 Ford F-150 Among Vehicles Recalled for Transmission Defect | Edmunds.com

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2011-'12 Ford F-150 Among Vehicles Recalled for Transmission Defect | Edmunds.com

Ford is recalling 201,900 vehicles in North America, including the 2011-'12 Ford F-150 and 2012 Ford Expedition to repair a transmission defect.

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  • fordguy923fordguy923 Member Posts: 1
    I had this issue occur while driving 70MPH. Luckily didn't cause an accident however did damage my transmission which costs 3k to have rebuilt and lead frame with sensor replaced. Contacted Ford Service after seeing this to ask for compensation and was told I have to wait until formal recall remediation has been outlined (still pending). Anything I can do now? Considering getting an attorney involved if they won't compensate me, certainly don't feel I should be out 3K for a recall issue with a defective part.
  • albrentalbrent Member Posts: 1
    Very serious.

    This malfunction is unexpected and has occurred at +70 MPH.

    It also causes the vehicle to become inoperable.

    I was in an accident when my vehicle ceased to operate.

    Ford has issued a safety recall, but has not established a solution. I can't believe the NHTSA is letting Ford keep these vehicles on the road.

    Someone is going to get killed if they haven't already.
  • JbonezJbonez Member Posts: 1
    Same problem exept it blew mine out wirw a full load on the highway ford has not even told me the progress it's been three days any advice
  • Joe761Joe761 Member Posts: 1
    Is this coming out may 2019? Because I'm having same issue.
  • Dhudepohl69Dhudepohl69 Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2019
    This happened to me also driving around 65 mph and caused me to slam into guard rail. This caused alot of hardship on my family any advice what i can do to recoup my losses. 2011 f150
  • DwrigthDwrigth Member Posts: 1
    My wife recently took our 2011 F150 in to have the catalytic converter and an O2 sensor changed. The dealership doing the work notified her of a transmission recall and did the software reset. Prior to this we had never had any issue with shifting or any transmission related problems. After doing the software update, the dealer maintenance guy told my wife that he felt a "hard shift' going from 3rd to 4th gear and asked if that was there before. Of course my wife said no that it had not. After a few days she took it back and told them to do something about it. They did a factory reset of the shift module. This only made the "hard shift" worse.

    We have contacted Ford on several occasions only to be told by some help line phone answerer "sorry for what happened, we no help" at which point they hang up the phone.

    If you are not having any issues with your F150 shifting, I highly suggest blowing off this recall. It is likely to mess up your transmission and Ford will do NOTHING to help you.
  • SharpeJoSharpeJo Member Posts: 1
    The lead frame issue happened in my 2011 5.0 F150 in August 2018. Ford insisted that my truck VIN was not included in the recall even though there were service bulletins and recalls for what seemed like every other truck from the same batch! I fixed the problem out of pocket so it wouldn’t sit waiting 9-10 months. In May 2019 the recall on my VIN and extension of warranty was finally issued. Now Ford has completely denied my reimbursement claim after so much runaround they should be ashamed. This is my first Ford vehicle, and sadly my last. When it doesn’t need ridiculous manufacturing error fixing it’s great. I’m going back to Toyota. So much for trying to buy American.
  • hotpipes11784hotpipes11784 Member Posts: 1
    I did not have any issues with mine till i did the up date i then had a transmission leak and hard shifting i replaced the line three weeks later the transmission failed and now needs to be replaced and of course not under warranty. after 9.5 hours of tear down that is now not covered $6890.00. this is crazy
  • RedhawkRedhawk Member Posts: 1
    Had the dealership drain and fill my transmission fluid in May. Can't get an answer as to if the software update was done. My 2011 f150 is currently having the transmission rebuilt. It began leaking and once the torque converter and pump were pulled the fluid was found to be riddled with metal shavings. Very concerned that Ford's techs didn't find shavings when draining.
  • 2012Platinum2012Platinum Member Posts: 1
    Between 2 different ford dealerships I've been trying to get this fixed on my 2012 for the past 5 months. They can't pull a fail code due to the problem being very intermittent and impractical to get it to the dealership in it's failed state. Once the vehicle is power cycled the problem goes away. I've even asked to just replace it at my expense and get a run around about the part not being available. I've driven a ford truck for most of my life, but I'm ready to switch to Dodge. This lead frame issues has been handled very poorly to say the least.
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