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2004 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged Issues

pitt23fanpitt23fan Posts: 1
edited April 2016 in Pontiac

I found this forum searching google for issues to my 2004 GTP. Here is the timeline of what I'm experiencing and everything I've done since.

On March 28th, I drove to Nashville from Sarasota, Florida with no issues and woke up on the 29th and drove 5 miles to a concert venue. Had no issues at all up until after the concert. I started my car up no problem and this is when things started going wrong. The radio shut off and the dash started giving me things to do(Security System Maintenance and Traction Control Maintenance) but the car was still running. So, thinking the computer was going crazy, I turned the car off to reset it and when I went to restart it, it wouldn't start. It would just give a click when I tried to turn it over.

I had it towed to the nearest garage where the next morning they called me and the car started fine with no issues. They told me they were thinking it could be an ignition switch/tumbler issue(which I had an issue back in December with the heater that I've read has been the cause of the ignition switch going bad) and that the Chevrolet dealership was 2 miles away, so I drove it over there and had them check it out. The called me a few hours later and said the battery, alternator, and starter were fine. They said everything seemed fine with the ignition switch/tumbler, but I decided to have it changed anyways as it seemed the most sensible issue(note: They turned the car on and off over 50 times and didn't have one issue starting the car).

So, car finished, I drove home on April 1st(2 extra nights in Nashville this issue has cost me $800 with hotel and car fix) and made it back to Sarasota with zero issues. So thinking everything was fixed, I drove to Jacksonville, Florida on April 9th(I only drove the car like 15-20 miles since I had got home from Nashville before this trip) and everything was going great until I got about 15 minutes from Nashville. As I'm on the I10 heading East, all of a sudden the radio shuts off for about 5 seconds and turns back on, the security system maintenance and traction control maintenance also comes on again. Car is running fine, so I finish my drive to Jacksonville. I park the car and I turn it off, so I decide to see if it will start back up and it does, no issues. So I go and enjoy my evening and after the night was over, I go to drive back home and again, the car won't start giving me the same click noise when I try to turn the car on(again, no radio working...forgot to note: all the lights work on the dash, overhead, brake lights, head lights, windows, etc), so I end up spending the night as my friends were staying.

Next morning before we go to eat lunch, I try to start the car and again, it won't start. We go to eat for about 2 hours and walk back, I tell them let me see what happens and this time it starts like normal, no issue. Drove back with zero issues and hasn't happened since(again, only have driven it like 25 miles, but I have started it about 50 times since just to see if it'll happen again).

So, as I look up issues, I'm thinking the passkey is having issues, but I'm not getting car won't start due to security system like most people get. I will say the car has an aftermarket remote start and I tried to start the car using that and it won't start(it bumps the starter and turns the radio/lights on but won't turn over. It also tries to start itself 4 times without hitting the button after the 1st try).

I took it to my local Chevrolet Dealer and discussed with them and this is what they came up with as a POSSIBLE issue:

Disconnect Remote Start as that might be causing these issues(haven't gotten to that yet).
Next possible issue if it happens again after disconnecting the remote start would be the Body Control Module going bad.
Lastly, the passkey could be going bad(but they said that is highly unlikely from the sounds of everything).

One other note: The following error codes came up at the 1st Chevrolet dealership when they put it on the computer: p0128, p0136, p0137, p0615, and p0703

So, could someone please help me out on what the issue could be? I can't keep throwing money on a guessing game.

Also, if it was to be the BCM, can I buy one myself and have my mechanic install it as Chevrolet wants $700+ to do it.

Thanks for your time,

Okay...quick update, but still not figured out the issue. It happened again tonight and I took it straight to my guy at Advanced. The OBD2 port is definitely screwed up as well because the diagnostic tool they use can't read anything and is throwing an error code.
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