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I'm in the market for a 2016 Honda Accord EX (or LX.) I test drove both the other day and the drive is superb. My only reservation is the poor speaker performance on the audio system. This is worse on the LX (with its 4 speakers) than on the EX (which has 6 speakers) although the difference is not huge.

Has anyone tried replacing the stock speakers with better aftermarket ones? Any problems with that?


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    Keep in mind if its a lease, you cant modify the car in any way. the car has to be returned as it was sold "WINK-WINK" Also if you purchase and modify the speakers i believe you run the risk of voiding the factory 3/36 warranty.

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    I'd go to Crutchfield.com, see what speakers will be a 'drop in' fit that are high quality with good ratings. I'd have no trouble buying them and replacing the stock speakers. Crutchfield will send installation instructions with the speakers. You might call them to discuss your plans. And new speakers would only affect the warranty with regards to the sound system, nothing else. In other words, if you somehow short out the speakers during installation and damage the amp, that's on you.

    Since it is a lease, I'd hold onto the old speakers and put them back in before I returned it. You might be able to use the new ones in a different car, sell them, or, at worst, give them to a friend.
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    Normally it would make sense to upgrade speakers and expect significant improvement.
    If you google it, that trick was already done by many without success. The problem seems to lay with the head unit, as much as nothing special, miserable in my opinion version with touch screen in the EX it is not worth the headache to waste time or money tweaking with it.
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