Spare tire for 2016

edwar2cedwar2c Member Posts: 2
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If you have purchased a spare tire with the trunk insert for a TLX, how much did you pay, and did it take away from the trunk space?


  • drc44drc44 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a spare tire kit from dealer (could have been less had I just bought parts from tire/spare co., tools, etc. piece here, piece there). I paid about $420 for all, including new insert that sits on top of tire with tool cavities, new rear trunk area fascia, tools, etc.. Did the install myself, dealer did included install in cost. The only room you will loose is where the spare tire would be if there was not one. Once you are finished you will not know whether you have a real tire or one of those original kits (which you can keep as well). Go to Acura and drill down for contents of spare tire kit before you call dealer and confirm. Good luck.
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