Soft Suspension and Difficult to Troubleshoot

sterlingarchersterlingarcher Member Posts: 2
edited May 2016 in Honda
I have owned my 2015 Accord Hybrid Touring for a year now. Drive it in Northern VA and I average about 43-45 depending on the time of year and driving technique. I have been on two highway road trips and have noticed that the front end suspension at speeds around 70mph the braking and suspension are so so. The suspension is not stiff enough, kind of floats when braking hard and maneuvering. Unfortunately had a minor front end collision and Honda repaired the vehicle well, but some electrical problems caused my vehicle to suddenly fail one night. Honda worked to identify the problem for 3 days before calling factory experts to help, it is fixed now. However I was told by Honda that troubleshooting the accord hybrid was extremely difficult. I do love the car but if your looking at the Accord Hybrid make sure and drive it at highway speeds and brake firmly and test the steering/suspension firmness. Love the car but I will likely have my suspension tweaked to stiffen it a bit as the front shocks leave something to be desired.
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