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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Duramax Fuel Mileage



  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    Every aftermarket shop around here (including the Diesel Specialist) recommends the Superchips for the Powerstroke. My best friend and neighbor has the '04 F250 with the 6.0, 35" BF's, installed the Airade intake, Superchips programmer, and a 4" Exhaust, and loves it. He has had absolutely no problems, and he now has close to 55k on it.
  • stoneg

    On your Bilstien shocks what was the size of the shocks? How much of a bigger shock did you have to get? I only cranked my torsion bars. I was thinking of going with the Rancho rsx self adjusting shocks or bilstiens. And on the matter of the banks or juice I like the pda system that banks is got better the juice module. But they both sound really good. I just don't have the money to do it right now.
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    I'm not sure what the size was on the 5100's, but they made all the difference in the ride. I never turned the torsion bars, I switched the torsion bar keys which lifted the front by 2.5 inches (level). The ride was really rough due to the stock shock not being long enough, so I had them switched out to the 5100's. Yeah, I saw the PDA version, but it made the kit very pricey, and where in the hell would you mount it to where you could actually use it? To me it is too big to mount (and keep everything stock looking), but the display to small. I mounted the Edge monitor in the small console in the dash, and rode my wife around at night with the thing all lit up, and after about a 25 minute ride I had to point it out to her!! Very clean stock look to it. Now before you say she is unobservent, she noticed the truck being level, and totally shocked me when she asked if I lifted the truck.
    Try Ebay for the programmer..I saved alot of $$$ there on it, and my Banks exhaust.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Even in sub-zero, 15 minutes to warm up a diesel really isn't helping the engine. Diesels will generate heat much faster when they're actually working, and that means moving the truck and going through the gears. Even sub-zero, my Cummins is put in gear after no more than 3-4 minutes unless I'm brushing off the snow... then the truck is driven as soon as I get back in the cab. I have full heat in just 5 minutes at highway speed.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • We have diesel electric generators(catapillars) at work and if you don't let them warm up 15 minutes or so and then put a load on it will kill the motor or have big puffs of black smoke coming from the exhaust just barely chugging along. So I still believe in warming mine up more than 3-4 minutes.
  • Iam buying a 2006 LBZ crew cab 4x4 in 2 days. I could use some input! Should I be getting the 310 hp model because it is a whole lot cheaper (thousands) Or is this new Durmax the way to go. Is fuel mileage the same. Or should I be buying a gas Silverado Help!
  • Anybody I have talked to that has the big V8 is only getting in the mid teens for mpg empty. After they load them up it drops down to 10 or lower. I got the DMax for this reason and get 18 in town and almost 24 on the highway. It depends a lot on how you drive,
  • I will have to agree with Kcram on the warm up. Yea you don't want to start out full throttle blasting down the road but idling for 15minutes is a waste, it will never really warm it up in cold cold conditions. I usually startup and idle for around 5minutes or so then head down the road but going very easy starting out. Once you have driven a mile or two down the road it will warm up in a heartbeat. If you live in a colder area you might think about plugging in the block heater.

    2000 Dodge Ram2500 regular cab 4x2 with 5speed.

    25mpg hwy (A/C and 70mph)
    20mpg city (no A/C)
    17-19 City (With A/C)
    lowest mpg 16.4mpg pulling a 17ft. ski boat rural driving.
  • brycarbrycar Posts: 10
    I would get the one with the 360 hp i thinks it better than teh 310hp Engine, Duramax 6600 Turbo Diesel V8, (300 HP [223.8 kW] @ 3000 rpm, 520 lb.-ft. [702.0 N-m] @ 1600 rpm) (LLY) $5,310.00 Engine, Duramax 6600 Turbo Diesel V8, (360 HP [268.0 kW] @ 3200 rpm, 650 lb.-ft. [881.0 N-m] @ 1600 rpm) (LBZ)
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    For what it's worth...I've got the '05 2500hd cc 4x4 310HP and don't pull anything and only get about 12.5 mpg city 15 hwy.
    As diesel prices are now higher that gas (even 93 octane!), if your not pulling anything or driving considerably high mileage don't bother with a diesel. I keep reading about people getting 20+ mpg, and I frankly just don't see it. I have added/tried EVERY possible aftermarket way (edge, 4" exhaust, intake, acetone, stanadyne, etc.)to improve mpg and some have helped me go from 9mpg city to 12.5, so hope its not to late, and you made the best decision for you.
  • I had been interested in the Duramax since it's conception in 1999. I know when it first came out, they said it would get around 28 miles per gallon. I agree with stoneg, that when they came out diesel was around $110 a gallon. I bought my first in 2001 and was getting 18 miles per gallon. When I bought a 35 fifth wheel trailer, I got around 12 miles per gallon. I purchased my newest one in 2003. I put a straight through muffler on it and pull and drive all the time. I do get 22 miles per gallon on the highway and 17 in town. I do like it and am very impressed with it. I have looked at the new 360 horse Duramaxes and they have the 6 speed Allison transmission which should make the truck get better gas mileage. I know that I will get one soon.
  • Can anybody tell me where to order some better looking door emblems? I've seen them around but can never catch anyone to ask them. They look more flashy than factory. Any info would be great!
  • :lemon: My father has a 2005 silverado with about 15k on it. It is a diesel and its a sweet truck. Recently he had a issue where his check engine light would come on and error code states something wrong with the fuel system. The truck would bog down and have no power. He brought it to the dealer about 6 times and they can't tell him whats wrong. So now he rides with a computer plugged into the jack all the time and when it happens he just resets the truck computer. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong. They did replace the fuel filter and things like that but still keeps happening.

  • tcoletcole Posts: 2
  • I dont know if it is the same problem, but the exact same symptoms. My fuel gelled up on me and the check engine light came on in my 2004 duramax. I was coming home from work and the motor had returned to normal by the time I got home(3 hours) and the check engine light was still on. The dealer plugged it in and the low fuel pressure rail came up. They cleared the code and I was on my way. Runs like a champ again.
  • Hey
    I have a 2003 DMAX 4x4 crew cab dually and was wondering if you run veggie oil on yours and if so how it is running and what you did. Any help would be apprecieated.

  • This happened to my company '05 2500 between 20-30,000 miles. Finally found out it was the fuel flow regulator valve or sensor. The Dealer replaced the left side fuel rail and it hasn't happened since. The symptom is just as you described and most techs said it was a clogged fuel filter, but I finally found one that looked deeper into the issue.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    To pull 25k pounds on a regular basis you need a commercial truck, IMO. The new Duramax 360 HP engine in a dually pickup would handle it, but the truck itself is simply not large enough for such large trailer loads. I would not try to go over 15K pounds trailer weight with one of those. My $0.02
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857

    2000 Dodge Ram2500 regular cab 4x2 with 5speed.

    25mpg hwy (A/C and 70mph)
    20mpg city (no A/C)
    17-19 City (With A/C)
    lowest mpg 16.4mpg pulling a 17ft. ski boat rural driving.

    ...don't know what Cummins tachs at 70.......

    ..but at 55-60 without a/c......your fuel use (non-use actually) would probably not be readily believed....

    best, ez...
  • Has anyone tried the magic pills (Bio-Performance) for increasing your fuel mileage by 35 to 50%? If anyone has any experience with this product, please reply. I am very curious if this will really work? Here is the website for this:
  • Pulled 6500lbs in the form of a classic truck across NC the other month with my dads 2005 Chevy 2500 HD Crew Cab 4x4. Averaged 16.3mpg!!! That is better than most folks say they get running clean with a Dodge or ford. That Duramax with the Allison 1000 tranny is a perfect marrage for pulling. We use the truck for pulling farm trailers and pulling maybe 4000lbs it averages about 18mpg! Running Clean at 55mph I have hit the 21mpg mark. Amazing for a truck 6000lbs. I dunno as I beleive that that Dodge gets 25 mpg at 70mph with the ac on. The Duramax won't so that makes me suspect about Cummins age old desighn.
  • I have 3500 miles on this regular cab that has the Allison. I am a very conservative driver and have always gotten better than average mpg. It runs great but its getting the same mileage as my old 454 but the fuel is higher priced.
  • donwydonwy Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 crew cab 3/4 ton HD with the Duramax and about 2400 miles on it. Living in Northern Canada, the temperature is cold this time of year but I am still getting 13.8 mpg (US gal.)on winter fuel when doing all city driving in heavy traffic and about 17 mpg on the highway with two passengers and no load. Sounds like you have a problem.
  • I would hope people realize the clever marketing behind all of those outrageous claims of increased fuel mileage from these fuel additives.

    The last two links were two products that claim alot. Both sites spend as much time trying to get you to sell their product than use it. Come on people...putting a giant pill in your gas tank. Are you kidding me! The last one is talking about CNBC World Business Review with Alexander Haig. It is well known that production costs for WBR are paid for by the company that wants there product on air. Please save your money.

    You want to save down the freeway at 55mph and don't show off your trucks power at every intersection.

    Smoke and Mirrors...Smoke and Mirrors. ;)
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Please do not post phone numbers or any other contact information... this is against the rules, and opens you up for abuse as well.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • Help!
    @003 chevy 1 ton diesel dually - inside edge of inboard back tires are getting scalloped edge. ALL other tires are fine!

    Whats going on?!!!!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You want to post that question in the Chevy Silverado: Problems & Solutions discussion for better response.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • I have a 2005 2500HD with the duramax. I have 11000 miles on the engine. I recently pulled a 3000lb equipment trailer 440 miles and my mileage dropped to 9 mpg. The local dealer told me it could be the fuel filter. I need some help!
  • fredk2fredk2 Posts: 4
    Did you look at your air filter gauge. Try a different fuel station.
  • fredk2fredk2 Posts: 4
    I have just purchased a gmc extra cab 6ft bed 4x4 with the duramax and the auto trans 6 speed. and I check all fuel mpg on every truck I drive soon as I get fuel reset trip this truck gets 15.80 mpg I was told by people I see with same Truck they got around 20 mpg have to see if it will get better it only has 360mi right now and maybe has winter fuel. If anyone get better mpg please post and let us no spec. 2wheel or 4x4 3500 or 2500 thanks.
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