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Acura Navigation is crap

my3rdacuramy3rdacura Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Acura
This is my 3 rd acura. TLX TECH. IST TIME WITH navi.
The Navication system is crap. It takes 3 steps or more to find the location you wish to program. I thought it was broken went back to my dealer Technician thought it was odd as well. Requested reprogram dvd instalation. After service same deal. I want to be able to say "Find Acme Mall." I use my Android phone with Google maps. Works great with easy "find X", command.
To use the Acura navi you have to pull over or program it at home before leaving your house.

Very dissapointed, a joke and a big safety hazard if using it while driving.
Love this car outherwise. Sound system is fantastic
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