New Suzuki Swift for 2005 in Europe

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The 2004 Paris Auto Show has the debut of the newly designed Suzuki Swift 3 door and 5 door hatchbacks. Developed in Europe with global sales in mind and to be produced in Hungary but a new plant is going to be built in India very soon. My guess is that it will come to the USA in 2007. Suzuki Auto and Suzuki Global and Media web sites have pictures and development articles.. Looks promising.


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    GM is already looking to import this car as the next-generation Aveo. If this is to come to the US, I bet it will be by 06 instead.
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    I recently saw a GM list of when they did plan to replace certain models. The next Aveo is due in 2008. The plant in Hungary will produce the new design Swift for Europe starting in 2005 but I guessed that it wont come to the USA or Canada until 2007 as the new Suzuki-Marutti plant in India has not been built yet. Suzuki recently released future production dates and said that an all new Aerio SX will be out in 2008 and Suzuki will have a new compact car in 2007 and I suspect that will be the Swift and the following year could be the Chevy Aveo too. The Daewoo plants in Korea and India could also produce them and look for Diesel options.
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    Where's this list of future production dates that was released?
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    The GM dates were in an "Automotive News" issue several weeks ago and the Suzuki dates were from some Suzuki news release. Just last night I was able to see a copy of this weeks Automotive News. Big article about how all future GM small cars worldwide will be designed by GM Daewoo and probably end up being built on the GM "GAMMA" platform as is the Opel Corsa and the next Aveo will be too. If this is true then I was wrong to assume that the new global design Suzuki Swift would also end up being the next Aveo. That cute new Swift is slightly smaller than Aveo and is real close to Mini Cooper specs except the height.. Looks like this market will end up with 2 good future choices to be added to the small hatchback mix and there will also be new Hyundai Accent models in 2006 and a Honda Jazz in 2006. It is going to get interesting. I sure wish I had copied the pages on the production future dates (I dont have a subscription to Automotive News) when I was able to see it at a dealership.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing some new GM/Suzuki twins - as long as there is a Suzuki exclusive GT version.
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