Dealership has new 2015 Jeep Wangler Unlimited for sale

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Im in the market to purchase a Jeep Wangler. I have searched in my area and located a Jeep that fits my criteria of options i would like to have. the jeep only is for 32,175 The cheapest they say they will go is $31,500 OTD. I offered them $28,000 OTD they state this is an unrealistic price.

My view is, it is a 2015 im not going to pay the same price of 2016 or even a 2017 that will be coming out in a few months. My question is is what i offered to the dealer an reasonable price? i felt that my offer was even more generous then it should. I have read not to pay the same amount as a new 2016. and when purchasing the "left overs" the deprecation is more then the newer one.

Please advise on how i should handle this?

i am in no big rush to buy. My plan is to reach back out at the end of the month if it is still available and see if they are wanting to sell it and offer a lower price for making me wait.


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    Some dealers are "weird" about their leftover stock. Maybe it's not costing them anything in interest to have it hanging around.

    One thing you can do is to appraise a 2015 here, use Outstanding condition and 100 miles. Then see how far off the asking price is from our dealer retail.

    Another benchmark that you are already on to is the depreciation. You can use the True Cost to Own tool to see how much depreciation to expect on the Unlimited in the first year.

    A rough guess would be $6,000 loss in value on a $36,000 MSRP - that will vary a bit depending on which trim this one is.

    All this will help justify your price - convincing the dealer is another story though. Good luck!
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