2001 Jetta stalls after driving it for half hour, starts up 2 minutes then stalls again.

mbarakambaraka Member Posts: 1
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My son have a Jetta 2001 with 177k miles that started stalling after driving it for about half hour. It will start back up about 2 minutes later, then stalls again at random intervals. Heat indictor is normal. I took it to a machine and his computer diagnostics showed a crank sensor. He replaced the sensor and changed me $165, but the issue still exist. no more error codes are shown on the computer. I was advised by the mechanic again to fill the gas tank with premium gas and add STP to clean the fuel lines and still no changes. I changed the air filter, and cleaned the MAF sensor and housing in no val. I asked a different mechanic and he mentioned the possibility of the ECM when it gets hot it shuts off the fuel line and spark plug feed. I am no expert on car repairs, but trying to help my son resolve the issue. Has anyone seen this problem and was able to solve it? Could the ECM be the issue as the second mechanic incubated? If so, does a replacement used ECM needs to be programmed?. Thank you all in advance
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