Why you SHOULD buy an older Boxster

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I've owned my 1999 Boxster for 17 years. I hear all the horror stories and I'm sure some are true. But I've never had an engine problem with my Boxster and I've enjoyed every minute of ownership.
These cars are amazing in so many ways: incredible build quality, thoughtful and insightful design elements that are constantly astounding, beautiful ride and performance - acceleration, cornering, braking and handling.
If you want to buy an older Boxster you need to do your research. Buy a one or two owner car with complete service records and adult drivers/owners. Some older Boxsters have been ridden hard and put away wet - perhaps young guys that have always wanted a Porsche but drive them in the ground and don't have the funds to repair them when they need attention.
And some owners really weren't meant to be Porsche owners and really should stick with a Miata or MR2 Spyder - fun cars but aren't in the same class as a Porsche.
Things to look for are: frequent and timely oil changes - not the prolonged (recommended intervals), pride of ownership, inspect under the car for oil and check for any abuse.
Take the car to an independent Porsche shop for an inspection - these guys can zero-in on any problem areas and save you from making the wrong choice or inform you so you can negotiate a better deal.
When doing your search you'll find some amazing low mile Boxsters out there.
People love these cars and for the most part, take incredibly good care of them.
You'll see Boxsters that are years old but look almost new inside and out. That's because owners form a bond with these cars because they respect the pride of design that goes into them.
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