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Dead battery due to stuck wiper

oletrapperoletrapper Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Ford
Thought this post may help someone.
The rear wiper motor on my wife's Escape got stuck. Leaving for work this morning, the car would not start. Battery completely dead. That's when she told me of the stuck wiper. Remember that when wipers are on or off there is a homing circuit which returns the wiper blade to the home position. The wiper motor stuck (don't know why yet) and circuit continued to attempt to take the wiper to the home position even with the key off and car locked up. I removed the wiper motor cover and the motor was extremely hot. I unplugged the motor which will solve the problem temporarily. I have no idea why it didn't blow a fuse The car sat all night trying to home the wiper blade. The motor had to be a lot hotter than when I felt it after draining the battery all night. I sure hope someone at FORD sees this post and investigates this. Hope also this can help someone with draining battery problems.
Thanks, OT
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