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Jerking motion while stopped with engine running

bouyow627bouyow627 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2016 in Chevrolet
I have a 2011 equinox and about a week ago while I was at a sop light, I started feeling a jerking motion in the car. I didn't really pay any mind to it but now it has gotten a little more noticeable when I am stopped and the check engine light has now come on. does anyone know what could be causing this and what can I do about it? I did put a small bottle of fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank to see if that would calm it down some but nothing.


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    gmoney765gmoney765 Member Posts: 2
    edited May 2016
    Could it be a transmission problem? If it is an automatic, the torque converter could be engaging and trying to turn the wheels which could be causing the jerking.
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    grace215grace215 Member Posts: 3
    I experienced the same issue. We checked the oil and found it was low. Filled the oil back up and the jerking stopped! Starting monitoring fuel consumption. This worked well until we took at road trip (2 hours)- oil was full and the jerking started again.
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